Apple’s upcoming iOS 17 release will bring a small but significant change to simplify scanning QR codes with the iPhone’s camera. This improvement addresses previous user frustrations with accessing QR code links while using the camera.

Initial QR Code Scanning Methods

The ability to scan QR codes through the iPhone camera was introduced in iOS 11, where the code’s links would appear as notifications at the top of the screen. However, this approach confused many users.

In iOS 13, Apple attempted to simplify the process by displaying the QR code link as a yellow button at the bottom of the camera screen. Nevertheless, a new issue emerged as it became challenging to tap the button accurately, especially when the camera was in motion.

Improved Scanning Experience in iOS 17

Thankfully, iOS 17 includes another change that aims to streamline QR code scanning. When scanning a QR code, the link will now automatically appear at the bottom of the camera interface and remain visible without disappearing. This update eliminates the need to chase the yellow button, now fixed above the capture button.

Easier QR Code Scanning on iPhone with iOS 17

In iOS 16, a similar effect can be achieved, where the link would drop down and stay visible when the camera is moved, and the QR code is no longer within the frame. However, with the public release of iOS 17, users will enjoy a more seamless experience as they effortlessly access the QR code link without any additional effort.

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Look Forward to iOS 17’s Enhanced QR Code Scanning.

When iOS 17 is made available to the public in the fall, iPhone users will benefit from a more user-friendly QR code scanning process. With the link positioned conveniently above the capture button, accessing QR code content will be simpler and more efficient than ever before.


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