Get a free 2021-year SoftMaker Office NX Home 1 subscription for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. The license for five computers and five mobile devices includes text editor TextMaker, PlanMaker programs for working with spreadsheets, and Presentations for creating presentations.

SoftMaker Office 2021 is now available by subscription in the new version of SoftMaker Office NX Home 2021. During the subscription period, all the latest versions are available for free.

Direct document exchange with Microsoft Office

No annoying imports and exports: SoftMaker Office uses Microsoft DOCX, XLSX, and PPTX formats as standard file formats. This allows you to edit documents in Microsoft Office directly and without conversion.

What’s New in SoftMaker Office 2021

  • Powerful dictionary search function: choose any term in the document and see its interpretation in various online dictionaries and encyclopedias.
  • Export documents to PDF/A for long-term retention.
  • Advanced version control allows you to “travel through time”: you can return not only to manually saved document versions but also to an arbitrary number of automatic backups.
  • The dialog box for creating new documents now displays document templates with a convenient preview.
  • You can now convert Auto Shapes to curves. This opens up new exciting design possibilities.
  • Create complex graphical shapes by combining multiple AutoShape objects into one.
  • Create fine-grained documents using Scale-Out Vector Graphics (SVG) files.
  • The user interface for resizing objects has been improved, which increases the convenience of placing pictures, drawings, text frames, and other objects.
  • Improved automatic word wrapping enhances the quality of texts.
  • Automatic word wrapping now supports additional languages.
  • New licensing model. One SoftMaker Office 2021 license can be used on up to five computers running any combination of Windows, MacOS, or Linux.
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The composition of the office suite SoftMaker Office NX for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS


The modern text editor TextMaker allows you to quickly and conveniently create documents of any size, whether a flyer, a brochure, a business letter, or a large scientific article. With built-in support for the DOCX file format, your documents are always compatible with Microsoft Word.


With PlanMaker, a powerful spreadsheet program, you can easily make calculations and create worksheets and charts of any complexity: from a simple schedule to drawing up a complete financial budget for your company. Since the program provides built-in support for XLSX files, you can edit Microsoft Excel files exactly according to the original.


Presentations are an easy way to create memorable presentations. With beautiful animations, various transitions between slides, and a modern concept of master pages, you can be sure that you are well-prepared for each presentation. Since the program has built-in support for the PPTX file format, it is entirely unhindered to work with PowerPoint files and share them.

Comparison of FreeOffice 2021 and Office NX Home

Available versions

  • 32-bit version for Windows
  • 64-bit version for Windows – Home only
  • 64-bit version for Mac
  • 32-bit version for Linux
  • 64-bit version for Linux
  • Up to 5 computers — windows, Mac, or Linux
  • Up to 5 mobile devices – either Android, iPhone, or iPad

User Interface

  • Customizable ribbons – Home only
  • Tabbed documents, as in a web browser – Home only
  • Dark interface theme
  • Sidebar
  • Extended sidebar with additional commands – Home only
  • Full-Screen Mode – Home Only

Language Tools

  • Automatic word wrapping
  • Spell checking with Hunspell dictionaries
  • Spell checking with high-quality dictionaries for commercial use – Home only.
  • Thesauruses (synonym dictionaries) – Home only
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File management

  • Built-in file manager – Home only
  • Version control to revert to previous versions of a file – Home only
  • Advanced Backup – Home Only
  • Send files by email – Home only

Creation and execution of documents

  • Photo frames – Home only
  • Auto Shape Templates – Home Only
  • SmartText function – Home only
  • Smart Guides – Home Only
  • Real-time preview of formatting changes – Home only
  • Image Scanning – Home Only

TextMaker (text editor)

  • Open and save DOCX files
  • Open and save DOC files
  • Open and save ODT files
  • Open and save RTF, HTML, and text files
  • Composing standard emails – Home only
  • Print envelopes and labels from the database – Home only
  • Track changes to documents
  • Built-in style manager – Home only
  • Change the background of the page – Home only
  • Table styles – Home only
  • Sort text and tables – Home only
  • Convert tables to text – Home only
  • Convert text to tables – Home only
  • Insert entire documents – Home only
  • Cross-references – Home only
  • Image captions – Home only
  • Bibliographies, illustration lists – Home only
  • Interactive Form Objects – Home Only
  • Charts – Home only
  • Structurizer – Home only

PlanMaker (spreadsheet software)

  • Open and save XLSX files
  • Open and save XLS files
  • Input Verification – Home Only
  • Create and change cell styles – Home only
  • Data Transposition – Home Only
  • Distribute text into cells – Home only
  • Formula Verification (“Detective”) – Home Only
  • Viewport for tracking cell contents
  • Deleting Blank Lines – Home Only
  • Remove duplicate lines – Home only
  • Data Consolidation – Home Only
  • Scenarios – Home Only
  • Interactive Form Objects – Home Only
  • Spreadsheets – Home only

Presentations (a program for working with graphic presentations)

  • Open and save PPTX files
  • Open and save PPT files
  • Embedded fonts in presentations – Home only
  • Massive selection of colorful animation based on OpenGL
  • Massive selection of exciting transitions between openGL-based slides
  • Export slides as video files – Home only
  • Export slides as HTML files – Home only
  • Create photo albums – Home only
  • Insert summary slides – Home only
  • Insert charts – Home only
  • Presenter Mode – Home Only
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Additional Applications

  • Thunderbird Add-ons – Home Only
  • BasicMaker to Create VBA Macros (Windows Only) – Home Only
  • Equation Editor for Mathematical Formulas (Windows only) – Home only

SoftMaker Office NX Home for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS (annual subscription)

To get a free subscription, follow these steps:

1. Go to the promotion page – SoftMaker Store.

2. Under the action! SoftMaker Office NX Home for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS (Annual Subscription) select Subscribe. Make sure the price is 0.00.

Download SoftMaker Office NX Home 2021 for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS – 1-year subscription for FREE

3. Register by filling out the form (you can specify arbitrary data), or log in using the previously created account.

Download SoftMaker Office NX Home 2021 for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS – 1-year subscription for FREE

4. A product license key will be delivered to the specified email address.

5. Download and install SoftMaker Office 2021 for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS, activating the license you received in the Unlock SoftMaker Office menu (product key required).

Terms and conditions of the offer

  • A free subscription is available for 12 months.
  • If you do not renew your subscription, it terminates automatically – the features of the free version of FreeOffice 2021 remain.
  • All new versions and service packs are free during the subscription period.
  • Non-Commercial Use: License for 5 computers and 5 Android or iOS devices owned by members of the same family
  • Commercial use: license for 1 computer and 1 Android or iOS device


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