In this post, we will Download Oracle VM VirtualBox. Exploring a new operating system is pretty hard when you’ve no access to the operating system. In order to make access, you need to at least install it or have it installed somewhere else which you can make use of. Installing it is neither easy nor the process to do it. That’s where virtual machines come in. For making use of virtual machines, we’ll need the software. In this case, we’ve come up with a really different and beautiful idea. That is VirtualBox. In this post, we’ll download Oracle VM VirtualBox & install it on Windows. We’ll explain everything first and then head over to the steps in how to do it.

What’s Virtualization?

Before virtualization was common between users, we all had a server and an operating system at a specific time. In a single operating system, we couldn’t use all the required space because we were allowed to have only one operating system. As time passed on and things changed, and everything was developed, virtualization was created and introduced. Virtualization allows users to have many operating systems run through one server or computer. With virtualization, you can have different experiments and operating systems on only one server. VMware provides cloud computing and platform virtualization software and services.

What is Oracle?

To know Oracle, you need to know the Database. They are actually a collection of data. In the past, people used to print paper and collect them in a file. Today we are implementing those and even more than that in computers. From the computer, these files are known as Database. The simple words Oracle is a computer-based Database created to store a larger amount of data in a computer system. In this database, we can store different data types like texts, numbers, videos, etc.

The physical files are now in computers, and they are now digital files. These files in computers known as databases or oracle. In this database, we can store different data types like texts, numbers, videos, etc. Everything has a digital and meaningful name from computers, and the digital name of data is known as a database, but the file for a database is in is known oracle. Oracle’s simple definition is a computer-based database created to store a larger amount of data in a computer system.

What is the latest version of Oracle?

The latest version of Oracle is Oracle Database 19c multitenant architecture. This is the first database designed for the cloud, and the “c” beside 19 is also because of the cloud. The previous version of Oracle was 11g and 10g. Oracle Database 19c also introduces 500 new features to the database. Most notably, pluggable databases and multiple architectures. The Oracle Databases 12c release version with oracle databases 19c in memory. An optional add-on that provides in-memory capabilities. These are some features of the 19c oracle and a small introduction for the new oracle.

One of the 19c oracle database’s best features is automatic indexing identifies automatic indexing based on the table column usage. You can create automatic indexes as invisible indexes, And you can delete unused indexes.

This isn’t the end of this article. We have found many other features of oracle 19c and many in the new Oracle, such as communication trace file Analyser, Cluster health check, machine learning the user interface security, Big data and Data warehousing, Diagnosability, secure cluster, and more.

What’s a Virtual Machine?

A virtual machine is a part of the VirtualBox and virtualization. VirtualBox is a free virtual machine software that works inside Windows. You can control everything inside VirtualBox, particularly virtual machines. A virtual machine is simply the control room of your virtual machines. All the operating systems that you have downloaded or installed with the help of VirtualBox works inside it.

Download Oracle VM VirtualBox For Windows & Mac

As we’ve done quite different tutorials of installing macOS on VirtualBox. For example, install macOS Catalina on VirtualBox, install macOS Mojave on VirtualBox, install macOS High Sierra on VirtualBox, install macOS Sierra on VirtualBox. Aside from this, we’ve also provided files for VirtualBox such as download macOS Catalina ISO For VMware & VirtualBox, download macOS Catalina VMware & VirtualBox file, download macOS Mojave VMware & VirtualBox VMware & VirtualBox, download macOS Mojave ISO for VMware & VirtualBox. Download Oracle VM VirtualBox & Install on Windows.

What is VirtualBox?

VirtualBox is open-source third-party software that you can download completely free from us or VirtualBox’s official website, and you can use it. With the VirtualBox installer file, you could install it on Windows like any other software. Once that’s done, you can install any operating system such as macOS, Linux, Ubuntu, or any version of windows. For example, install macOS Catalina on VMware Windows. You can use that completely free. With VirtualBox’s help, you can run two or even more operating systems on only one computer.

Note: This is the latest version of VirtualBox as we’ve received the link from VirtualBox’s itself.


When the VirtualBox installer file is there, head over to the installation process.

Install Oracle VM VirtualBox on Windows & Mac

Installing VirtualBox is easy and can be done on different operating systems. Just like we’ve provided VMware Workstation/Player and installed it, we’ll also show how to install VirtualBox on Windows & Mac. The procedure for installing VirtualBox on Windows and Mac, and even Linux is pretty much the same.  For Download Oracle VM VirtualBox & Install on Windows.

First, fire up the VirtualBox installer file and hit Next on it.

Download Oracle VM VirtualBox & Install On Windows

VirtualBox Installation Wizard

When it’s there, install it.

Download Oracle VM VirtualBox & Install On Windows

Install VirtualBox

That will install the VirtualBox. The installation will pretty much over here.

We’ve done it! Now you can install any operating system on VirtualBox. We’ve provided the links to Download Oracle VM VirtualBox For Windows & Mac.

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Download Oracle VM VirtualBox & Install on Windows

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