In this article, we will share direct links to Download the macOS Sequoia ISO File for Virtualbox and the macOS Sequoia ISO File for VMWare.

Apple’s macOS Sequoia is the latest iteration of its operating system, offering enhanced performance, new features, and improved security. If you’re looking to download the macOS Sequoia ISO file, whether for a clean installation, creating a bootable drive, or simply having a backup, this guide will walk you through the steps necessary to obtain it safely and efficiently.

More about macOS Sequoia

macOS Sequoia introduces a refined user interface with enhanced visuals, dynamic wallpapers, and a customizable Control Center, creating a more cohesive and modern look. Performance improvements are a cornerstone of this update, with faster app launches, better battery optimization, and enhanced resource management, ensuring smoother and more efficient operation. Security has been significantly bolstered, featuring advanced privacy controls, a fortified boot process, and improved malware detection, all designed to protect user data and maintain system integrity.

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Built-in applications like Mail, Safari, and Photos have received substantial upgrades, boosting their functionality and user experience. The introduction of Universal Control allows seamless management of multiple Apple devices with a single set of inputs, while Focus Mode helps minimize distractions by filtering notifications. Quick Note enhances productivity by enabling users to easily jot down notes that sync across all their devices, making multitasking and organization more efficient.

Integration with the broader Apple ecosystem has also been improved. AirPlay to Mac lets users share content across devices effortlessly, and the new Shortcuts app automates daily tasks to streamline workflows. Accessibility features, such as enhanced voice control and Live Text, ensure that macOS remains inclusive. For developers, the latest updates to Xcode, Swift, and the Metal API provide powerful tools to create more advanced and responsive applications, solidifying macOS Sequoia as a versatile and user-friendly operating system.

What is a macOS Sequoia ISO file?

A macOS Sequoia ISO file is a disk image file that contains the entire macOS Sequoia operating system in a format that can be used for installation or booting. An ISO file is an archive file of an optical disc, a type of disk image that contains the data that would be written to an optical disc such as a CD, DVD, or Blu-ray. In the context of macOS, an ISO file can be used to create a bootable USB drive, install the operating system on a virtual machine, or perform a clean installation on a Mac.

Uses of macOS Sequoia ISO File

  1. Creating a Bootable USB Drive: An ISO file can be written to a USB drive to create a bootable installer. This is useful for performing a clean installation of macOS Sequoia on a Mac, especially when the Mac is not functioning properly or when upgrading from an older version of macOS.
  2. Installing on Virtual Machines: Virtualization software such as VMware Fusion, Parallels Desktop, or VirtualBox can use an ISO file to create a virtual machine that runs macOS Sequoia. This allows users to test and experiment with the new OS without affecting their primary installation.
  3. Backup and Recovery: Having a macOS Sequoia ISO file can serve as a backup, ensuring that you have a copy of the operating system readily available for recovery purposes in case your system becomes corrupted or needs reinstallation.
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Download macOS Sequoia ISO File for Virtualbox and VMWare

NOTE: macOS Sequoia ISO files for Virtualbox and VMWare are created only for educational purposes. We are not responsible if you misuse the macOS Sequoia ISO files provided below.

Download macOS Sequoia ISO File for Virtualbox

Download macOS Sequoia ISO File for VMWare

You can also Download macOS Sequoia DMG File

You can now use this macOS Sequoia ISO file to-

  1. Install macOS Sequoia on Virtualbox
  2. Install macOS Sequoia on VMWare

Once you have downloaded the macOS Sequoia ISO file, you can use it to install macOS Sequoia on either VirtualBox or VMware. If you are facing issues with the ISO file, you can use the macOS Sequoia VMDK file to run macOS Sequoia on VirtualBox and VMware.

By following these steps and utilizing the appropriate tools, you can successfully download the macOS Sequoia ISO file, prepare it for installation on virtualization software, and experience the functionalities of macOS Sequoia within a virtual environment.

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Additional FAQs

1. What is the size of the macOS Sequoia ISO file?

The macOS Sequoia ISO file is 17.31 GB.

2. What is the latest version of macOS Sequoia?

macOS Sequoia is currently running in beta.

3. What is the macOS Sequoia release date?

The macOS Sequoia will be released in September 2024.


In conclusion, we hope you can successfully download the macOS Sequoia ISO file for use with VirtualBox and VMware. We understand that the process may have its challenges, and we encourage you to reach out and comment below if you encounter any difficulties or have any further questions.


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