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Download iOS 14.5 Beta 1. What’s new with iOS 14.5 Beta 1?

Download iOS 14.5 Beta 1. What's new with iOS 14.5 Beta 1?

Today, February 1, Apple released the first beta versions of iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5 for all compatible devices that support iOS 14. Updates came just a week after the release builds of the previous version of operating systems, which had been in testing for almost two months. They are already available for download for developers and users with appropriate beta profiles. How to install the update, if you are a regular user, and whether it is worth doing it at all, let’s figure it out further.

The first beta of iOS 14.5 came out just a week after the launch of iOS 14.4

iOS and iPadOS 14.5 are the fifth functional updates that the company is releasing for iOS 14. Usually, in Cupertino, no more than four updates were released, and here at the beginning of the year, they are already offering a fifth. Testing will last no less than a month, or even one and a half, so you should count on the release closer to April at best. However, this will leave Apple three more months before the presentation of iOS 15, which means that it will be possible to count on the release of another interim update in the form of iOS 14.6.

New features in iOS 14.5

Fitness + AirPlay Streaming – Major New iOS 14.5

The functional content of iOS 14.5 remains largely unknown. The only innovation that has been confirmed is support for Apple Fitness + streaming to all AirPlay-enabled devices. These may be TVs or speakers from some licensed manufacturers to use Apple’s wireless media transfer technology. These are Sony, Samsung, LG, Vizio, Philips, and speakers – Sonos and others from TVs.

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Since the devices to which the workout will be streamed are not natively compatible with Fitness +, Apple warns of at least one small limitation. As it became known, related indicators such as burned calories, closed rings, etc., will not be visible on TVs. This is not a big loss, let’s face it, but whatever one may say, it is a limitation due to which users will have to rely on branded Apple devices.

How to download iOS 14.5 Beta 1?

To install iOS 14.5 beta 1, you need to download an active beta developer profile. It’s not scary and even easier than signing up for the pre-access program:

Anyone can download the beta developer profile.

I’m not a big fan of beta testing, but if we install test builds, then, in my opinion, only the final ones. That is, you should not run ahead of the locomotive and download the early versions, let alone the debut ones. In the end, you never know how many bugs and flaws they contain, not to mention the fact that all functional innovations appear in beta versions of updates closer to the third or fourth build. Therefore, be patient, there is not much time left, and then you will come off.

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