When Apple released iPhone 12 mini, many immediately began to prophesy to him the most popular iPhone status. Indeed, the most affordable among the new iPhones, which is almost in no way inferior to even older versions, what could have gone wrong? The second-generation iPhone SE example showed that compact phones are in good demand. But apparently, the difference in price between the iPhone SE 2 and iPhone 12 mini still played a role, not in favor of the second. It got to the point that Apple decided to cut production of the iPhone 12 mini to provide additional power for the iPhone 12 Pro release.

Does nobody need iPhone 12 mini? Apple cuts down its production! TechRechard
The cheapest iPhone 12 turned out to be less popular than expected.

Morgan Stanley experts citing sources among Apple suppliers stated that the company had reduced the number of produced iPhone 12 mini for 2 million devices… This was done largely because Apple is not keeping up with the high demand for the iPhone 12 Pro.

Why is the iPhone 12 Pro out of stock?

If you go to the online Apple store, now you can buy an iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 mini there without any problems – they are available in the company’s warehouses.

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Does nobody need iPhone 12 mini? Apple cuts down its production! TechRechard

However, there is no availability for the iPhone 12 Pro.

Does nobody need iPhone 12 mini? Apple cuts down its production! TechRechard

Apple always analyzes the potential demand for new devices in advance. It is impossible to predict it. Apparently, the company counted on strong demand for the iPhone 12 mini, but 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max became the bestsellers. Therefore, the iPhone 12 mini is now in abundance, and the older models are out of stock.

Does nobody need iPhone 12 mini? Apple cuts down its production! TechRechard

In recent years, this is not the first time Apple is “wrong” with the demand for a new product. We’re talking about AirPods Max, Apple’s first over-ear headphones that sold out in a matter of hours. As a result, those who ordered them the next day had to wait… 10-14 weeks! Now the situation with the supply of headphones is improving, but still, it is no good. It can be assumed that Apple is deliberately arranging “artificial scarcity” to fuel the hype among users. But the fact that the company has to cut production capacity for one model to increase the other suggests otherwise. Apple can’t keep up.

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Which iPhone is the best to buy in 2021?

Why is the iPhone 12 mini so unpopular? The first reason is its “older brother” iPhone 12. Many people preferred to overpay $200 but take a phone with a larger screen. Personally, I also found the iPhone 12 mini not very comfortable for me. It sits less well in hand than the same iPhone 7. So I ended up switching to the iPhone 12.

Another reason is the iPhone from previous years of release. They have already dropped in price, but they are still beautiful to consumers thanks to long-term support. Among them are the iPhone 11 and even the iPhone SE 2020. The difference is noticeable compared to the $699 that is asked for the iPhone 12 mini. We also reported, iPhone 12 mini sells worse than all Apple smartphones released in 2020.

In fact, the demand for smartphones of classic sizes, the very “gold standard” of the name of Steve Jobs, has never disappeared anywhere. Apple has concluded that the demand for such devices will be high enough to develop a special model. But we didn’t guess the price. Perhaps if they had made a version with an IPS screen and more accessible, everything would have differed. In any case, we can say that Apple is unlikely to continue the mini line in the series iPhone 13. You can also read: iPhone 13 or iPhone 12 S: What’s coming in 2021?

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