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Dismantling the DualSense controller showed how the adaptive trigger mechanism works

Along with the PlayStation 5 game console, Sony has released a new DualSense controller. It features tactile feedback and adaptive triggers. Thanks to adaptive triggers, for example, the user can feel the tension when the bow is pulled in play.

Someone has already been lucky enough to get their hands on the PlayStation 5 game console even before the official start of sales. And such lucky ones share their impressions and reviews about the new product, including the game controller. A video has appeared on the YouTube platform showing the dismantling process of the DualSense. Including the work of the mechanism of adaptive triggers is visible.

The device uses a special geared motor. When the motor is de-energized, the triggers appear normal. But when current is applied to the motor, it drives the shaft, which, through a gear train, creates voltage and resistance for the triggers.

Now, you can fully experience the work of adaptive triggers in Astro’s Playroom, for example, when using a rope while navigating through the levels. In the future, adaptive triggers will be used in other games: NBA 2K21 (increasing resistance as the player is exhausted), Deathloop (for different sensations from different weapons, as well as for blocking triggers when the weapon is jammed).

Source: The verge

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