ChatGPT’s Free S-GPT Team Enables AI Integration in Apple Devices’ System Applications.

In celebration of the second annual release of Automation April, a new team called S-GPT has been unveiled, combining OpenAI’s ChatGPT assistant with native iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and watchOS features. The team was designed to integrate into Apple’s system intuitively, making tasks such as selecting songs or viewing long lyrics easier.

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To use S-GPT, users must create an OpenAI account and have a way to pay for using the API, install the command and decoder, and understand the intricacies of the work. The command can be used with the existing ChatGPT 3.5 or ChatGPT 4 API model, but it requires an OpenAI account with a pay-per-use plan.

Developer Forms Team with S-GPT, ChatGPT, and iOS Integration.

S-GPT is a text command that allows users to ask ChatGPT questions from the input field on an iPhone, iPad, or Mac; replies are returned by ChatGPT and displayed in a notification on the user’s device. While S-GPT currently supports only text, the length of the user’s question is not limited.

Developer Forms Team with S-GPT, ChatGPT, and iOS Integration.

The S-GPT team has several built-in integrations, including Safari, clipboard, reminder, calendar, live text, and music. For example, users who share an S-GPT webpage will try to generalize it to them. If the user asks the S-GPT to do something with the text on the clipboard, ChatGPT will process the contents of their system clipboard. With ChatGPT, the shortcut can also view the user’s upcoming schedule and tell them which days are too busy.

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Developer Forms Team with S-GPT, ChatGPT, and iOS Integration.

The developer behind S-GPT is proud of his work bringing together Apple’s systems and OpenAI’s advanced AI. So far, Apple hasn’t implemented all these features, making S-GPT a valuable addition to the tech world. If you can set up and try using this command, it’s worth it.

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