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Crucial Factors To Consider When Buying Wireless Earbuds

Crucial Factors To Consider When Buying Wireless Earbuds

A couple of years ago, the market was flooded with noise canceling headphones that had cables attached to them for the purpose of housing wiring and batteries. But with the unsurmountable progress in technology, manufacturers are now packing pretty much everything into deceptively plain-looking wireless earbuds.

Admittedly, creating noise cancelling earbuds is a highly laudable feat, especially if you consider the sophisticated and detailed technology and skills required to achieve this functionality.

While several companies offer free earbuds when you buy their smartphones, these may not always be the best quality devices. Invariably, you may need to invest in a new pair if you want a seamless experience, whether for work meetings or listening to music on your own time.

So, what must you consider when browsing for a sturdy and dependable pair of earbuds? Before delving into that, it would be prudent to understand how the spectacular noise canceling technology works.

A quick look at noise cancelling functionality

Most people do not know that active noise cancellation, or more commonly ANC, is not the same as noise blocking. That’s because it uses active technology instead of typical passive noise reduction. ANC earbuds are incorporated with powered tech and need the use of energy (or rechargeable batteries) to work. But note that you have the advantage of noise blocking the instant you put the buds on, even before activating them.

So, how does it work?

These earbuds, and even headphones, for that matter, acutely monitor every sound around you, intercepting and staving off every unwanted sound and noise from ever reaching your ears. The buds have small microphones inside that listen to every sound outside and emit signals that efficiently cancel out the sounds when the waves collide.

So, while noise-blocking technology may be described as a physical barrier that blocks outside sound, ANC means the opposite. It uses active technology to create an audio barrier for the user.

Features to review before purchasing earbuds

Now that you are more familiar with ANC technology, it is time to look at factors you should carefully consider when browsing for a reliable pair of earbuds. This is critical because it will determine what product you end up with, how effective it is, and how long you can use it.

Therefore, keep the following pivotal points in mind and find the best possible buds for you.

Fit and comfort

It is essential to invest in earbuds that fit snugly in the ears, especially if you plan to use the wireless buds for a considerable length of time. If the fit is incorrect or uncomfortable, you will experience pain after just a little while of use. To avoid this, consider rubber tips over plastic ones, as they will not hurt. Also, certain brands sell earbuds with many different-sized rubber tips so that you can change them as per convenience.

Battery proficiency

Having a hawk-eye when checking the battery life of the buds will come in extremely handy, as it is among the most fundamental and essential features of the product. Most good ones should effortlessly run for at least three hours and upward after a charging session. Some models offer four to ten hours of playing time, provided they are charged appropriately.

The battery feature is all the more critical if you use earbuds for office meetings every day. You cannot take the chance and invest in a defective product that can cause problems during important meetings and events.


High-quality noise cancelling earbuds have excellent connectivity options, enabling you to connect to laptops, smartphones, tablets, and a range of other essential devices. The ideal ones to purchase are those that use Bluetooth technology to connect with any device of your choice quickly. Also, they make it super easy to switch devices as and when required.

Sound quality

One cannot undermine the importance of sound quality when choosing a pair of unfailing earbuds. If there is no financial constraint, look for newer models that simultaneously offer prime sound quality and block outside noise. Some latest variants have the added sound customisation feature, where you can adjust bass, mids, and treble to your liking.

Moreover, costly high-end varieties incorporate an adaptive noise cancelling technology that can adjust the level of sound blocking depending on the amount of noise around you.


Almost all earbuds come in a small, handy case that acts as a charging-cum-storage device. Typically, you can charge the box, and therefore the earbuds within, with a USB cable provided along with the earbuds. You can carry this box in your handbag, backpack, and any small or large bag without hassles. This portability makes it incredibly convenient to take the earbuds during travels and not just everyday commuting.

Voice assistant

Several wireless earbuds are now available with a unique voice assistance feature primarily seen in smartphones, laptops, and similar devices. Generally initiated via a tap or swipe, this feature can help you complete tasks in a short time and more effectively. However, this feature can make the earbuds more expensive than other reliable devices.


Besides the above features, you should look for additional specifications such as sweat resistance, especially if you will be using the earbuds for hours at a time. This will help keep the buds in place and prevent them from suddenly slipping out of the ears. Folks who use earbuds while exercising, walking, or jogging should consider looking for this particular feature in the device.

Also, consider earbuds with mid-level sensitivity, as they can prevent the sound from getting too loud and damaging your ears or hearing.

Buy from a reputable source

Remember that buying from a reliable dealer is as essential as investing in good-quality earbuds themselves. If you buy from a lesser-known or questionable seller, you could end up with an inferior quality product. Therefore, ensure you look at a couple of different sellers to understand their offers and deals closely before finally deciding which one you wish to purchase from.

Furthermore, you can conveniently look at various wireless earbud options online and find one you like best. Look for retailers who provide discounts, low shipping costs, and easy returns or exchanges. Also, transacting with a dealer with excellent customer service will go a long way in securing fantastic deals.

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