When thinking about growing a business, many people will think of doing things such as developing new products or expanding to new sites and locations. However, nowadays the majority of businesses rely heavily on their IT systems – so why not have a look at how you can grow and expand with your IT as well?

While it’s true that expanding your IT horizons can be good for a business, it can be costly to find the right solution. A good way of making a change without breaking the bank is hiring an MSP – a managed service provider.

Read on for an explanation of what MSPs are, what they can really offer your business, as well as a look into how to find the perfect MSP for you.

Managed Service Providers explained

A Managed Service Provider is a pre-assembled IT team. They won’t be on your payroll, or even working on your premises, but much like an in-house IT department, they’ll be able to assist you in all your IT tasks, from the basic, simple needs, to more complex issues.

Working with an MSP can actually be very simple, despite it potentially seeming more neat and tidy to keep everyone you work with in-house. MSPs employ a dynamic range of experienced staff, so they can cope with supporting many businesses at once – this means they won’t struggle when it comes to starting work with your business. It’s not unusual to be working with your chosen MSP within around a week since you first contacted them!

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You might be thinking that the level of experience and knowledge brought by an MSP would be expensive, but due to their business model of working with many companies at once for a relatively low cost, they can keep their (generally monthly) fee of service low, while paying their staff what they deserve.

MSPs help you save cash

The cost of running a business can be incredibly high – that much is always safe to say. When you’re looking to recruit new staff, that already high cost can get even higher. It can cost a business thousands to take on new staff when you consider the lost resources and paying their wages. The more people you’re looking to hire – the more this cost rises. Once you’ve hired new recruits, you also have to pay for their training!

If you choose to work with an MSP, the advantages are immediately obvious – you can avoid all of these extra costs, as the individuals have already gone through the process of being hired and trained by the company. The benefits don’t stop here though – now you’ve saved money on the recruitment process, you can put it into other areas which could facilitate growth for your business! There are so many other worthwhile areas, such as marketing and advertising, developing new products, and even recruiting people to other areas of your business such as sales. So many possibilities!

Will MSPs help expand your business?

It’s easy to see how putting the money saved from hiring an MSP into all those areas could benefit your business, but you could also encourage growth in your business by improving your IT systems with new technology. An MSP isn’t just a bunch of workers who accomplish simple day-to-day tasks. If you go with the right MSP, they can support you in so many more ways.

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As you spend time working with an MSP, they’ll likely end up being a vital aspect of the day-to-day operations of your business, and they’ll get a very good understanding of how you work, and what you need. This, combined with the fact that since they’ve worked with so many other companies, they’ll have incredibly up-to-date knowledge of IT technology, means they could massively help you out when it comes to making your network better.

There are always questions when it comes to implementing new technologies. Should you implement SD-WAN, or MPLS to boost the performance of your network? The right MSP can answer these questions, as well as any others you may have – as long as that kind of consultancy and advice is included in their package. Not every MSP offers these services, but many do for a small charge – and it’s usually worth the reasonable price. What could be more valuable than access to cutting-edge knowledge and experience?

How to find the right MSP for your business

As we’ve discussed in this article, there are countless ways of growing a business. Most businesses acknowledge that the two most important things to have when it comes to wanting to grow are money and expertise. MSPs allow you to save your hard-earned cash, which you can then put into other areas of your business, all the while letting you have access to all of the knowledge they have amassed over their years of supporting companies.

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In the end, though, it’s important that you find the right MSP for you, to help you achieve what you really need. You could go straight to a web browser and look up ‘MSPs near me’ but chances are since there are so many MSPs out there, you wouldn’t immediately find the perfect one for your business – you’d mainly find paid advertisements!

In order to work out whether any potential MSP will be a good fit for your business, you need to ask them a few important questions. Try to find out if they’ve supported companies that are similar to yours. This could mean the same industry, the same stage of development, the same size – anything in common is a good start. It can also be useful to compare your future plans to theirs – you don’t want to overtake them when you’re growing, and leave them not able to keep up!

Finally, you need to make sure any potential MSP understands you and your business. As long as they know what your goals are, and know how you want to achieve them, they should be able to assist you in getting to wherever you want to be!


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