The world of chargers is just huge. It’s impossible to test everything. In this collection, I will share what I use myself, what I managed to hold in my hands, and what I can safely recommend. I also wrote- How to Choose a Wireless Charger for iPhone? Tips and a selection of worthy options in 2021.

Apple 12W Power Adapter

The so-called “iPad” charger is still on sale. Initially, it came with iPads and was distinguished by increased power compared to the basic 5W power supply for an iPhone. I added it to the list because it requires a Lightning to USB Type-A cable. It is more popular than Lightning to USB Type-C, which is required for Apple’s modern 20W charging.

Price: $19

I need this one!

Apple 30W Power Adapter

Let’s start with a basic charger. The 30W power supply at the end of 2020 replaced the similar 18W power supply introduced in 2018.

Both blocks support fast charging and are suitable for iPhone 8, iPhone X, and newer models, where, in fact, there is a fast charge function. An 18W power supply was included with the 2018 iPad Pro and iPhone 11 Pro, but with the new iPad Pro (2020), there is already a 20W unit, but the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro lost the complete charging.

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The main difference of the new 30W adapter is support for fast charging for wireless charging MagSafe. Otherwise, it won’t work, so keep this in mind if you’re looking for the right unit for your new iPhone 12 or 12 Pro.

Price: $49

I need this one!

Baseus GaN 65W Fast Charger

Baseus has an interesting version of the charger: a 65 W unit with three connectors. Here is a couple of USB Type-C, where one produces up to 65 watts, the second up to 30 watts. There is also USB-A, it has a power of up to 30 watts. It is quite compact yet powerful and inexpensive.

Choosing a fast charger for your iPhone 12: Tips and Best Selection TechRechard

Price: $34.99

I need this one!

Charger Ugreen 65 W

This is my favorite. Charging caught my eye at the end of last year, and I immediately wanted to get it.

The bottom line is that in 2020 a new era began in the world of chargers: power supplies using gallium nitride began to appear on the market. They turned out to be more compact, more powerful, and inexpensive. Well, isn’t it a miracle? Of course, it’s a miracle because the small Ugreen adapter received four USB connectors at once: one USB Type-A and three USB Type-C. Through USB Type-A, we get up to 22.5 watts, one USB Type-C outputs up to 18 watts, and the other two up to 65 watts.

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Choosing a fast charger for your iPhone 12: Tips and Best Selection TechRechard

Now my favorite charger when traveling and at home, you can charge multiple devices at once without sacrificing charging speed. And most importantly, it is small and helps to get rid of unnecessary wires.

Price: $49.99

I need this one!

Satechi 100W AC adapter

If the charger’s dimensions are not so critical and you need a universal unit from which you can charge the MacBook Pro 16 ″, then pay attention to Satechi. The thing is relatively large, but through USB Type-C, it outputs up to 100 watts so that a large laptop can be charged quickly. In total, there are three connectors on the case: one USB Type-A and two USB Type-C with Power Delivery support.

Choosing a fast charger for your iPhone 12: Tips and Best Selection TechRechard

Price: $79.99

I need this one!

Baseus GaN 120W Charger

Do you like the Satechi charger but don’t like the price? Then look towards Baseus. There is a mighty 120W unit. It is solid in size, not small. It has one USB Type-A and two USB Type-C. An interesting feature: it simultaneously outputs 60 watts through each USB Type-C so that you can charge two MacBook Pro 13 ″ or Air at once. Or you can get 100W through one USB Type-C if you need to charge a more power-hungry device.

Choosing a fast charger for your iPhone 12: Tips and Best Selection TechRechard

Price: $59.99

I need this one!

How do I know if my iPhone has fast charged or not?

Everything is simple here. Power Delivery was introduced to the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X when introduced in 2017. In later Apple phones, it is also present.

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Can you pay extra and take a more powerful charger?

It makes no sense to buy especially powerful charging for an iPhone: the difference, judging by the comparisons, is small and a 20 W unit is enough since smartphones do not perceive more than 22 W. It’s another matter if you have an iPhone and a MacBook with USB Type-C, then it’s a different story, and you don’t have to take an extra power supply on a trip but charge all devices with one unit.

I heard that fast charging kills the battery!

If you are afraid, use a regular 5-watt charger. What more advice can you give. From my own experience, I can say that using fast chargers. I did not notice any problems with the phones.

I used a variety of accessories up to the MacBook 96 watt charger, no problem. Another thing is that a super-powerful charging for an iPhone does not give any increase in charging speed, but if there is only one power supply at hand, then this is simply salvation. You can charge both the MacBook and the phone.

Can I buy a Chinese wireless charger for iPhone?

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I propose to share my thoughts on convenient charging. If you know interesting options, share your ideas in the comments section below.

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