The Chinese Academy of Information and Communication Technology and the Deputy Minister of Industry said China had built the world’s largest 5G network. And now development has begun to create a 6G network.

At the moment, the country has built 718 thousand 5G base stations. The Chinese Academy of Information and Communication Technology vice president said that the large-scale construction of 5G networks would be carried out within four years. From 2025 to 2028, the plans include a period of improving the mastered technologies.

Also, China is already planning to roll out 6G networks in 2029. As of the end of November, there were 519 devices on the market that support fifth-generation networks. The Academy of Information and Communications Technology predicts that more than 3,200 5G device models will be available in the market in 2025, resulting in tens of millions of new network subscribers.

In November last year, creating a National Working Group to promote 6G R&D was announced.

China already plans to launch 6G after building the world's largest 5G network

Experts predict that 6G will surpass 5G in performance by 10-100 times. Also, 6G peak transmission rates will range from 100 Gbps to 1 Tbps.

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