I love to constantly customize my desktop on iPhone, iPad, and Mac, and often the easiest way to do this is to change the wallpaper. The Internet is full of them, and we sometimes make collections of interesting wallpapers, but I love to look for something really unusual. And the other day, I stumbled upon desktop backgrounds from British designer Hector Simpson, who released a set of wallpapers for macOS, iOS, and iPad’s, inspired by the classic blue wave style, a chip early versions of Mac OS X. He tweaked them using color schemes from newer versions of macOS, and it’s really cool.

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Mac OS Style iPhone Wallpaper

The designer drew 12 wallpapers for iPhone and iPad. You can download them for free in different colors. Optimized for the 12.9-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPad Pro, they look great on any display size. To download wallpaper, go to this site, select Mobile, then scroll to whatever background you like. All you have to do is choose which device you need wallpapers for and download them to your camera roll.

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The wallpapers are really cool. I got the most weight from OS X Mavericks and macOS Sierra.

Check out these cool Mac OS X style iPhone and iPad wallpapers. TechRechard

I really liked this wallpaper.

Similar wallpapers are available for Mac, but they are already paid for. One set of dynamic wallpapers that will change depending on the time of day is worth $3. With the wallpaper, you will also get a dedicated installer that will add all the wallpapers directly to your system settings, including dynamic ones.

Check out these cool Mac OS X style iPhone and iPad wallpapers. TechRechard

Pro Display XDR owners will clearly find $ 3 for wallpaper.

All Mac wallpapers are 6016 x 3384 pixels to look great even on 6K displays like Pro Display XDR. They also support the P3 wide color gamut, which makes today’s Mac displays look more vibrant. There are dark and light versions of all wallpapers, so you can choose the one that best suits your chosen system theme.

How to set up automatic wallpaper change on iPhone

However, changing the wallpaper depending on the time of day is available not only for Mac but also for iPhone or iPad. It will not work with the operating system’s standard means but download the Quick Commands app. Here is a complete guide that will help you with Wallpaper Automation on iOS: 3 Easy to change Wallpaper with Time of Day.

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