Choosing an inexpensive protective glass for iPhone 12 Pro Max

We previously talked about, SwitchEasy Case Review: Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Today we’ll talk about the Case-Mate cases- I know the brand for a very long time. There were wonderful cases for iPhone 5s, Android smartphones of that time, and then the manufacturer disappeared from the radar. They completely stopped importing into stores, and covers rarely appeared in all sorts of collections. I thought that everything, the era passed, and production stopped, but no.

I got two iPhone cases: transparent plastic Barely There and shimmering with the colors of the rainbow Tough groove. Also, look at the headphone case ECO 94.

Barely There Case review

This case is very similar to the original Apple transparent case, only without noticeable magnets. If you don’t have a MagSafe charger and a wallet, you don’t plan to buy and charge your smartphone over the wire. Then there is no point in the “circle” of the original Apple case – unless everyone will know about the latest iPhone in your hands.

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The plastic is of high quality, glossy, and quickly covered with small scratches. Keep in mind that the steel frame of the iPhone Pro will scratch as quickly as the case. There is no protection from this: fine dust, sand gets in, the smartphone moves a little in the case, hence the traces of use. Why, even in the silicone cases on the frame, something will appear.

Samsung teamed up with Kvadrat to launch eco-friendly Galaxy S21+ cases

Case-Mate iPhone 12 Pro Max and AirPods Pro Case review TechRechard

I really like the Barely There case is the open buttons—no silicone or plastic duplicates, but steel pleasant to the finger. The block with cameras, on the contrary, is seriously protected by an additional protrusion so that the lenses on the table do not touch the surface.

Check Barely There on Amazon

Tough groove Case review

A bright option for spring and summer, when the sun plays with a rainbow lid. The back itself is ribbed, so it is more convenient to hold the smartphone. Despite its massiveness, wireless charging is supported, but you can forget about MagSafe, as in the case of Barely There.

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Case-Mate iPhone 12 Pro Max and AirPods Pro Case review TechRechard

The silicone frame is drop-resistant, but I would not test that. The manufacturer claims that the frame won’t scratch, but it’s hard to believe. But if something happens to the cover (it bursts, breaks), it will be changed to a new one – the manufacturer gives a lifetime warranty.

Case-Mate iPhone 12 Pro Max and AirPods Pro Case review TechRechard

On the Case-Mate website a huge selection of iridescent and shiny cases, but there are also strict options with serious protection.

Check Tough Groove on Amazon

ECO 94 Headphone Case Review

I also got my hands on a case for AirPods Pro made from sustainable recycled material. There is a carabiner. You can attach it to the keys or the inner strap of the backpack, if available.

Case-Mate iPhone 12 Pro Max and AirPods Pro Case review TechRechard

The texture is pleasant, the drawing is unusual, and not everyone will like it, but I’m ok. The lower part is not fixed with anything, and the cover plate is attached with additional glue. Do not be alarmed, and feel free to remove the protective film: it is easy to attach and remove. You can use it several times.

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Case-Mate iPhone 12 Pro Max and AirPods Pro Case review TechRechard

Wireless charging is also no problem. The Lightning port is open, and the pairing button is duplicated.

Check Eco 94 on Amazon

Is it worth taking?

At the very least, it’s definitely worth studying the manufacturer’s assortment. The biodegradable headphone case is excellent. There are the same cases for smartphones. I liked the clear plastic case. I’m waiting for the version with magnets, but for now, I’ll try to walk around with Barely There and see what’s with the yellowness. Because of this, I do not quote the original Apple cases: a few months – and the silicone frame turns from transparent to yellow. This should not be the case with a plastic case.

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