Latest Update Introduces New Widgets and Extensions to Enhance User Experience!

CardioBot, a highly esteemed health app available on the iPhone and Apple Watch, has rolled out a significant update offering a host of new widgets for the iPhone and extensions for the Apple Watch. This health-focused app utilizes data from user devices, providing insightful health tips for an improved lifestyle and pinpointing areas needing attention.

Unveiling New Widgets and Extensions in Version 5.10

The 5.10 update brings a plethora of widgets for the lock screen and iPhone home screen, coupled with novel features for watchOS. The app developer says users can now access over 100 widget options with CardioBot. These widgets offer users the convenience of swiftly checking essential health data.

CardioBot Health App Launches Exciting New Features for iOS

The newly introduced widgets provide a spectrum of health insights, including heart rate, heart rate summary, respiratory rate, and blood oxygen levels.

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A Personalized Experience for Users

Our comprehensive array of widgets enables users to personalize and customize their devices like never before. Users can easily access vital information, keep a close eye on their cardio data, and interact effortlessly with their device through a user-friendly lock screen, clock, or home screen,” stated Majid Dzhabrailov, the brains behind CardioBot.

CardioBot’s Advanced Health Insights

CardioBot began incorporating heart rate variability (HRV) measurements earlier this year. This innovative feature amalgamates diverse heart data to gauge how well your body can cope with stress or intense workouts. With this data, users can meticulously plan complex workout regimens and accurately detect when their body is stressed.

CardioBot interprets data from the Apple Watch, which measures your heart rate every four minutes throughout the day, enabling users to understand their health patterns better and improve their lifestyles. Based on research conducted by the American Heart Association, CardioBot provides solid recommendations to boost cardiovascular health and maintain overall wellness.

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CardioBot Health App Launches Exciting New Features for iOS

Download CardioBot from the App Store

CardioBot is available for download from the App Store. The app offers free downloads with an optional monthly in-app subscription priced at $1.99 or an annual subscription at $19.99. Notably, it requires an iPhone with iOS 16 or later and an Apple Watch with watchOS 9 or later.


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