Wireless charging is becoming an increasingly convenient way to energize your gadget. Even Apple began to actively push the world to do this with the iPhone X release. This year, the idea was developed in the form of MagSafe. With all the convenience of this format, it also has disadvantages – without additional accessories, you cannot put the smartphone vertically. It is inconvenient to remove it from charging without wires. We tried to order an inexpensive universal charging option on Aliexpress, which will allow you to simultaneously charge your iPhone (or another smartphone) and AirPods. This can be called a universal set of many users, and therefore the charger itself is becoming the most universal.

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Is it dangerous to use wireless charging?

I have long been imbued with warm feelings for wireless chargers, and lately, I have been using only them. I already seem to have everything. Charging pads of different brands, vertical charging stands, original MagSafe, and even an external battery with built-in MagSafe, which my colleague Alexander Bogdanov told about not so long ago on our website. I have all this, and I use almost everything.

Many argue about the dangers of wireless charging for a smartphone, and opinions differ greatly. I am not a physicist and cannot scientifically prove whether it is dangerous to use them, but I read a lot and talked with service center representatives. They all talked about how safe it is to use wireless charging. Even if it is “left,” it will still cause less harm than a wired version of the same quality.

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Can I buy a Chinese wireless charger for iPhone? TechRechard

The danger of wired charging is because it is at risk of a short circuit. Wireless stations are not capable of this. Of course, this is not the case when this is a set of a charging station and a coil inserted into the smartphone’s socket.

Wireless charging for iPhone and AirPods

The charger I bought differs in that it can simultaneously charge iPhone and AirPods. Individually, both accessories can be charged wirelessly. If an iPhone or other smartphone occupies the site, then the headphones are inserted from above. For this, there is a Lightning connector in a special recess.

Can I buy a Chinese wireless charger for iPhone? TechRechard

The product is of very high quality and does not inspire the feeling of a cheap product. Even the part where the smartphone is placed has a soft rubberized coating not to scratch the device’s edges. Of the minuses, I immediately want to note the complexity of removing the headphones from charging. There will be no problems in the case of regular AirPods, but AirPods Pro is difficult to reach. The connector is tight, and you have to pull almost by the cover. To use it comfortably, you need to get used to it a little.

There are rubber feet on the bottom of the platform for added stability, and on the front, there is an LED indicator for operating modes. It will tell you if charging has started. When there is no smartphone on the platform, it glows red, and when charging starts, it changes color to blue.

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The charger can be placed not only on the table. It also looks harmonious on a shelf or other furniture.

Wireless charging power!

The wireless charging power in question is quite high and reaches 10W, depending on the device. It is far from MagSafe and even more so from OnePlus and Xiaomi, but for a “no-name” accessory, this is enough. It is difficult to check the declared value for honesty, but charging is done quite quickly, so there are no complaints about the power.

Of the other parameters, it is worth noting that it works QI charging, suitable for all modern (and not so) smartphones. The work efficiency is greater than or equal to 75%, and charging is carried out at a distance of up to 8 millimeters. That is, you can use covers, but not all. Not only armored and fur options will not work, but also the original Apple cases with MagSafe. In some positions, charging will go off, so there are more problems than benefits.

wireless charger for iPhone

Charging two gadgets in one place is more convenient than in different places. But the headphones sit deep, and it is not always convenient to get them out. And in place of this inscription in some versions, there is a charger for the Apple Watch.

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Should I buy wireless charging on Aliexpress?

In general, the charging turned out to be interesting. Moreover, against the background of some of the options that I encountered earlier, it looks much more representative. Even the lightning bolt on the front seems a little strange but rather quickly ceases to be conspicuous.

wireless charger for iPhone

In other respects, it even looks somewhat like Apple products. My charger is next to the iMac and fits it much more than the more expensive Sony. There are no complaints about the quality. So, I concluded that you could buy wireless charging on Aliexpress. The main thing is not to save money and do not take the cheapest option. They will most likely not spoil your phone, but it will not charge either if it works at all.

wireless charger for iPhone

For myself, I was finally convinced that I would only use standing charges. This makes it much more convenient to control incoming messages and calls. Even for MagSafe, I’m glad I ordered a special accessory for more convenience.

Unfortunately, while the parcel reached (approximately 3.5-4 weeks), such charging stations are over. There was only the same, but with a charger for Apple Watch, which costs about $10 more. The manufacturer instilled confidence in me to take a closer look at other options from him. For example, to such: cheaper, more expensive and the most expensive with a lamp

Share the wireless charging options that you use in the comments section below.

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