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Camera issue after iPhone repair? iOS 14.4 introduced a warning about a non-original iPhone camera.

Camera issue after iPhone repair? iOS 14.4 introduced a warning about a non-original iPhone camera.

Apple continues to fight independent iPhone repairs. This time, the company added in iOS 14.4, which became available on January 26, verifying the iPhone camera for authenticity. Now, if you go to a service center where they install a non-original camera for iPhone, a corresponding notification will appear in the settings immediately after turning it on. Thus, the company wants users to turn to professional service centers for repairs.

Now it will be more difficult for fake service centers to supply non-original components.

Also, Apple has shared a new companion document highlighting the importance of having an iPhone repaired by a qualified technician using genuine Apple parts.

Apple says that if your iPhone camera needs to be replaced, it’s important that you go to a trusted technician because repairs done by a regular technician can result in camera malfunction or image quality issues. It is also not uncommon for unqualified or even uninstalled components to remain during improper repairs, leading to battery damage.

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Camera issue after iPhone repair?

After installing a non-original camera, there may be compatibility and performance issues. Apple warns of several potential issues:

How to find out if the iPhone has a non-original camera?

The non-original camera installation notification introduced in iOS 14.4 will appear on iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, and iPhone 12 mini if ​​one of those devices has a third-party camera module installed.

If you have installed a non-original camera, a message will appear in the Settings – General – About this device menu “Can’t Confirm iPhone Has Original Apple Camera.” The warning will also appear on the lock screen for the first four days after the repair and in the Settings app for 15 days.

If you see such a notification, the iPhone has a non-original camera.

While this notification will not affect the ability to use the iPhone or access the camera, and the phone will remain fully functional, there is nothing good about installing non-original parts. If you see such a message, be sure to contact the service center, where you ask to replace the camera with the original one.

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Apple recommends that those who need camera repair have their iPhone camera replaced at an authorized service center. ISPs can also offer original camera parts for replacement, including after the warranty period.

This is not the first time Apple has introduced warnings about iPhone repairs using non-original parts. This notification appears for a long time if the iPhone is installed non-original display or third-party battery. If you see a similar alert after a repair, request a qualified repair or contact a genuine technician.

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