Dropping and breaking the smartphone screen is a simple matter that will not please anyone. But how to fix the situation, what to do if the phone screen is damaged?

What should you do first if your smartphone screen crashed?

Broken phone screen: what to do

It is necessary to determine what exactly has suffered. Maybe only the screen itself is damaged, or maybe the phone itself does not work or some parts have failed.

The second option is more dangerous, as all personal data on the phone can be damaged or deleted. You need to move everything you need to another storage as soon as possible, if possible.

How to deal with a damaged phone screen

Broken phone screen: what to do

To minimize the damage received, you can use the following methods:

  1. The packing tape will help keep the glass intact and not damage the skin.
  2. A screen protector will prove to be a better option to protect your phone’s screen more reliably.
  3. Toothpaste, sunflower oil, or just baking soda will help get rid of minor scratches and cracks on the glass, making the screen more presentable and attractive. A small amount of the product can be put on a cotton pad or napkin and gently run over the damaged areas. Then, after application, it is recommended to clean the residues with a dry cloth.
  4. Emery paper, if it has a very fine grain, will also help get rid of minor damage on the smartphone screen. But you should act very carefully so as not to scratch the surface of the phone even more.
  5. If the user has some skills, then he can completely replace the smartphone screen on his own if it is badly damaged. In this case, you must carefully select the appropriate screen in accordance with the model and other parameters of the phone. Do not forget that high-quality and reliable glass has a considerable cost.
  6. It is important to remember about the warranty service for the phone. If the screen is replaced at the expense of our own efforts and costs, then it is worth finding out whether the warranty on the smartphone will continue to apply.
  7. The last, but most reliable, way may be to contact a specialist. The service center staff will be able to deal with replacing the device screen for a certain price. They will also help to eliminate defects in the phone, if any appeared after damage to the screen. It is important to find real specialists to be confident in their work.

Broken phone screen: what to do

If the smartphone screen is damaged, then don’t worry, it is important to correctly assess the damage and solve the problem using the proposed methods.

Have you damaged your phone screen? How did you fix the situation?

Broken phone screen: what to do?

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