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How to Break BitLocker Password: 13-Step Guide to Bitlocker Recovery in 2023

How to Break BitLocker Password: 13-Step Guide to Bitlocker Recovery in 2023

In this article, you will learn how to break BitLocker Password (Bitlocker Recovery) and BitLocker recovery password.

Sometimes, you may forget the password you set to lock a drive, USB flash drive, or other external or internal hard drives. While locking the drive, Windows provides a retrieval passcode, but it is likely that you did not save it and cannot retrieve it now. But don’t worry, there is a solution to breaking the BitLocker password and disabling it. You can regain access to your locked drive by following some simple steps.

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UPDATE: You can directly use Hasleo BitLocker Anywhere Professional and Break BitLocker Password on your drive. Here is the complete guide- Hasleo BitLocker Anywhere Professional – Free License

What’s BitLocker?

BitLocker is a feature available on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and newer versions of Windows and MAC that allows you to encrypt your hard disk drives or USB flash drives. However, it is not available on Windows XP. BitLocker offers 128-bit and 256-bit encryption options. Essentially, BitLocker protects your data from offline and online attacks while connected to a computer.

How To Break BitLocker Password (Bitlocker Recovery)?

There are several approaches to unlocking Drive BitLocker or bypassing its password. While using the command prompt (CMD) is one such method, we have found easier ways that involve using two different applications. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily unlock the Drive BitLocker or bypass its password.

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Break BitLocker Password (Bitlocker Recovery): Download these required files.

The essential files required to break the BitLocker password, including the BitLocker recovery password, can be downloaded from the links below. These links lead to two helpful software programs that can aid in the password-breaking process.

Download Winimage Alternate link: WinImage Free Download
Download Passware Kit Forensic 64-Bit

You can get these two free tools from the above download links. They do not require any registration or crack.

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How to restore and retrieve your deleted files? Break BitLocker Password: Step-by-Step Guide

1. Once the setup is complete, open Winimage, select Disk, and select the disc you have Locked. For instance, Disk E.

2. Click Creating Virtual Hard Disk image from a physical drive.

3. Select Disk 1 and tick Create Fixed Size Virtual Hard Disk, Then press OK.

4. Choose the Desktop or some other driveway. And type BITLOCKER DRIVE, click Type as .vhd, then press the Save button again.

Step 5. On the following screen, you’ll have an option for the Reading disk: the Winimage rescues your Lock disc’s complete information to Desktop.

Step 6. The Info is saved to the Desktop.

How to install Passware Kit Forensics 64-Bit? Break BitLocker Password

Download and install Passware Kit Forensics 64-Bit (the download Link is found at the beginning of the post). Passware Kit is a representative for network distributed password recovery. It will also work only on Windows (64-Bit) and Linux (64-Bit).

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1. When you set up the Passware Kit Forensic, select the Analyze Memory and Decrypt Hard Disk (Ctrl+D) or use the shortcut key to launch, utilize the below display.

2. Select BitLocker (Ctrl+B) and click on to enter the BitLocker.

Step 3. Browse the document where you saved BitLocker Disc’s data on the desktop. And hunt for that.

Step 4. Select the BitLocker Drive that you’ve created with Winimage, and saved that to the desktop computer.

Step 5. Select The BitLocker volume is dismounted, and I don’t have a memory picture of the object computer acquired, although it was attached. A brute-force attack is going to be assigned.

Step 6. Select the Run Wizard (Ctrl+W) as the shortcut. It will start the process of locating the password of BitLocker from the Win image.

Step 7. Select One Dictionary Word.

Choose the Language for BitLocker Passware Password Recovery

Step 8. Which nation do you belong to? Select your region and language. And press Next.

Step 9. On the next screen, choose, and set the password span in (8) into (8). And The way uppercase/lowercase letters have been employed at the password, All Lowercase. And Attempt reversed Words. NO. And press Finish.

Step 10. It is going to take a few minutes to complete the process.

Step 11. On the next screen, then after the search is complete. You will see the password that you kept. In my case, the password was CARVALHOL.

Step 12. Open the Lock Drive. And paste there and then press Unlock or Input from the keyboard.

Step 13. In the previous screen, the Lock drive is started by the searched password, from Winimage to Passware Kit forensics Kit 64-Bit, to get the BitLocker recovery password.

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How To Break BitLocker Password (Bitlocker Recovery): Conclusion

That’s all about How To Break BitLocker Passwords (Bitlocker Recovery) and recover BitLocker passwords in Windows 7,8,8.1, and Windows 10 or Kali Linux and Ubuntu.

I hope you’ve managed to unlock your drive. I’ll try my best to compose beneficial articles for you in the future as well. So if you have any suggestions or requests, please comment below. If you find some problem, you can share the issue below, and I will try my best to fix it for you.

Alternate Methods:

  1. You can alternatively use BitCracker. The software is available to the open-source community and accessible via GitHub.
  2. You can also use Hasleo BitLocker Anywhere Professional – Free License
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