The success of present-day projects depends dramatically on digital equipment used to create, promote, and maintain them. When you have just launched a company, a board portal may seem an unnecessary gimmick to you. However, do not jump so fast to such a premature conclusion.

Having a solid governance strategy right from the start is an important ingredient of the company’s stable success. When also equipped with a virtual boardroom, any startup can quickly develop and grow into a strong player in the market.

What is a board portal? Is it such a big necessity for your company? Which of its functions does your company truly need even as we speak? And finally, how to choose a great vendor for your project? You can have answers to all questions like these on or simply follow our blog. It will only take you a couple of minutes to get into the essence of this soft and see how important it can be for your startup.

Board Portal Software is…

Board portal software represents a complex set of tools that are easy to use and that you definitely should use to optimize your company’s governance. This soft will allow you to collaborate effectively and securely with the c-suite members and stakeholders. And not only with them.

No matter what size your project has and what industry it belongs to, the boardroom equipment incorporates indispensable instruments for it. Among boardroom customers, one is sure to find such entities as:

  • Non-profit organizations;
  • Business startups;
  • Long-established businesses;
  • Charitable foundations;
  • Innovation projects in whatever domain;
  • Trade alliances;
  • School boards, sports associations, and such likes.
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Why do such different companies use board meeting software? This is due to the soft’s key characteristics:

  1. Customizability;
  2. High standards of security;
  3. Reliability of the equipment;
  4. Ease of use;
  5. Functionality.

Thanks to these features, boardrooms represent the best solutions for well-thought-out corporate governance for the time being. The range of their application is very wide, but let us show you why boardrooms matter for startups, too.

Why Use Boardrooms in a Startup?

When you run a startup, you may be the chairman, a secretary, and act for many other employees at the initial stage. You often have to organize meetings and prepare all the necessary documentation for them yourself. Sooner or later, there comes a point when you should answer too many emails, gather and print too many papers, and be present in several locations at once. Board meeting software is designed to free you from such challenges. The main features you should pay attention to are:

  • Virtual rooms. Here, you can securely interact with partners and members of the c-suite. Virtual rooms are not only places for online verbal discussions. At your disposal will be a broad set of instruments for voting and signing papers without the necessity to print them and hand them over in person.
  • Planning. Any board of directors portal will have a built-in calendar with numerous tools for accurate scheduling. You won’t be able to miss your important meeting anyway. The software usually has the option of members’ profiles. They will contain personal info about you and your colleagues. You can use it when trying to fix the date that fits everyone.
  • Board Document Management. Using this boardroom’s feature is much safer. In fact, you would scarcely find a more secure alternative to this. Not a file-sharing platform can ensure you the same level of data protection when uploading, storing, and sharing competitive info via the Internet.
  • Access Management. In the case of startups, one often has to negotiate with non-members to promote the project. These might be different committees, auditors, investors-to-be, etc. Who will access your boardroom and which rights they will have is up to you to determine.
  • Mobile Accessibility. Are you on the run every minute of your time these days? It’s quite logical, but how to keep up with your schedules when you cannot always access your computer? Don’t worry. One of the most useful board portal features is that you can use the full version of this software on your mobile gadget. Sometimes, a compact version is more reasonable to use – this option is also accessible.
  • Security Tools. The best brands in the market use the top-standard environment to protect your data. This includes at least 256-bit SSL data encryption, antivirus software, powerful firewalls, etc. You can safely upload sensitive data and share it with authorized members only.
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Having this set of options, you won’t need to travel anywhere only to sign a single paper or look for the date when all the involved people can gather in one place. So, the main benefits you can get from board portals are time and capital saving. And these are the most essential things for any startup.

Which Boardroom is Better for My Startup?

There are lots of board portal brands in the market that deserve your attention. However, you and only you have to decide which one will be the best solution for you. When looking for a strategy for making the optimal decision, take the expert advice of :

  1. Scale your startup’s budgets and needs.
  2. Define which features your boardroom should have.
  3. Do not grasp the first vendor you come across – instead, compare a number of them.
  4. Make time for reading reviews on the targeted brands.
  5. Feel free to contact the support of the targeted brand so that you can know their options better.
  6. Be sure to ask for a free trial.
  7. Test your boardroom before purchasing it.
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And that’s it. After all these steps are completed, you can use your specifically-tailored boardroom with only the features you need. Thus, you will lay the basis for your reliable corporate governance and the future prosperity of your startup.


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