In a recent development on Twitter, Elon Musk, the CEO of the social media platform, has stirred up controversy by casting his vote on the issue of payment for verification blue checkmarks. As a result of this vote, only two individuals were granted the coveted blue tick, causing chaos among the wider Twitter community.

While government and state officials have been confirmed, others vying for verification have been left feeling undervalued, with some choosing to take up yoga instead of lamenting their lack of payment. This move by Musk has reignited the debate on the issue of payment for social media verification and its impact on the broader social media landscape.

Twitter has chaos through blue checkmarks

NBA superstar LeBron James has recently caused a stir on social media by apparently acquiring the blue verification tick on his Twitter account, despite previously stating that he doesn’t pay for premium Twitter services. Similarly, bestselling author Stephen King has also confirmed that he will not be paying for the coveted tick. It has emerged that Twitter itself intervened and granted James and King a complimentary update to their accounts, bypassing the need for payment.

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This development has shed light on the issue of inequality between verified and unverified Twitter users. Tech entrepreneur and CEO of Twitter, Elon Musk, has been particularly vocal on the subject, stating that he pays for the blue tick himself. However, the question remains as to which other celebrities in Musk’s exclusive club have also been granted this privilege. As the debate continues, many users without the blue checkmark feel left behind.

Blue checkmarks have caused chaos on Twitter.

The list includes names such as the Pope, Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, and Oprah. However, it is not clear whether they paid for the privilege or were granted the tick through other means, such as Twitter’s internal verification process.

Blue checkmarks have caused chaos on Twitter.

In the past, a blue tick on Twitter signified that an account had been verified as genuine, belonging to a public figure such as a journalist, politician, or media outlet. However, in a recent development, it has been observed that an account can lose its blue tick and be perceived as a fake account, causing confusion among users.

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This change has raised concerns among those who rely on Twitter as a source of reliable information, particularly in conflict zones such as Ukraine, where access to insider information is crucial. The irresponsible behavior of Twitter CEO Elon Musk in this regard has further complicated matters, making it harder for people to trust the platform and stay informed.

As the debate around Twitter verification and its impact on users continues, it is clear that more needs to be done to ensure that the platform remains a trustworthy source of information for all its users.


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