Rumors that Apple is working on its own cellular modem have been around for a long time. They began to appear with particular zeal after the Cupertino company bought part of Intel’s business last year. Now Bloomberg reports that Apple has finally started developing its first cellular modem.

The news outlet learned from sources that Joni Sruji, Apple’s vice president of hardware technology, invited some staff on Thursday to discuss plans to develop the modem. This is another step towards ditching Qualcomm’s components in favor of proprietary chips.

“This year, we started developing our own cellular modem, which will provide another important strategic transition. This long-term investment is a critical part of the implementation of our products and the confidence that we have a rich range of innovative technologies for our future, ”said Joni Sruji.

At the moment, Apple already produces several wireless chips, including the H1 and U1, which are used in the iPhone and Apple Watch. The development of our own cellular modem will help improve calls and data transmission on the company’s devices. Also, you can save resources by not buying Qualcomm chips.

By the way, after the appearance of this information, Qualcomm shares fell 6.3%.

Sources: Bloomberg, 9to5mac

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