To limit third-party use of iPhone and iPad, iOS has a “Guide Access” feature that you probably already know about. However, not everyone knows that this mode has advanced settings. You can not just prohibit another person from switching between applications but even set a limit on the keyboard, volume buttons, and time limit. This is especially true for families with young children if you don’t want your child to make a random purchase in the App Store or watch a too early video for them to watch. Also, this feature will be useful if you decide to transfer your phone to third hands for a while.

How to completely block an app on your iPhone in 3 seconds? Guide Access and it's Working

What is Guide Access?

Guide Access” is a feature that allows users to control a particular iOS device by restricting their access to banned apps. To activate the feature, you need to go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Guide Access.

Guide Access: How to completely block an app on your iPhone in 3 seconds?

You can also set up options, such as a password that will be requested when you leave the restricted mode and are highly recommended for memorization or a reminder of the expiration of the “Guide Access” time.

How to use Guide Access in iOS?

Once the feature is enabled in the settings, you’ll be able to activate it for a specific app by clicking three times on the Home button (for iPhones that have it) or on the screen lock button (for iPhone and iPad with Face ID). By default, the iOS device user will only use the open app. But it will be able to press buttons and in the same YouTube app to open other videos, put likes, adjust the volume, and so on.

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However, if you press the Settings button before you turn on the guide, you can set additional bans. First, you can circle areas you want to disable on the screen (such as the YouTube comment area). Or limit the interaction with the application: prohibit the regulation of volume, primary video, write comments and generally interact with the device. If you activate all the bans in the same YouTube, the user will not be able to do anything, even block the device – only watch the video you turn on.

Guide Access: How to completely block an app on your iPhone in 3 seconds?

Similarly, this feature works with the Photos app to show only a specific photo and don’t want the other person to switch between your photos. Or, if you’re showing someone a channel on Telegram, deactivate the area around the Back button so that another user can’t access your chats.

Also, it is recommended not to neglect the “Screen Time” function. It will track how long your child has interacted with the gadget and prevent them from running individual apps by setting a password on them. Here is a guide to setting the right password- The worst passwords of 2020: “123456”, “123456789” and – new! – “picture1”.

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Even though guide access is actually a very convenient thing, for some reason, many do not use it or even do not know about its existence. Do you use guide access? For what purpose? Share in the comments section below.


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