One of the most prominent cryptos, Bitcoin, just saw a major crash. It, yet again, proved that the crypto market is extremely volatile, and anyone who deals in it has a lot of risks to go for.

The last time the currency went down was in August 2021. However, the surge was not that low this time around but was considered quite high for the investors.

The total drop was somewhere around 40000 dollars, which was quite shocking. At the moment, the trading is somewhere around 38000 dollars.

According to the crypto traders who have ample knowledge regarding the market speculations and activities, there are chances of it falling even further. The 11% drop has already shaken the investors, and the prospects of further fall have led to a lot of anxiety amongst them.

The Fall Of Ethereum

Bitcoin and Ethereum are two of the most sought-after and hugely popular cryptos that have gained the trust of traders over the last few years.

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They have huge shares in the market. Bitcoin has a 40% share, while Ethereum stands around 20% when talking about its stake in the market. However, they both showed a great dip this time around, with ether going down along with bitcoin.

The total downfall of ether has been somewhere around 14%. Its current value of trading is about 2779 dollars. This is a devastating situation for an investor whose portfolio surrounds bitcoin and Ethereum majorly. With both of these going down, the confidence of future investors has been shaken.

Altcoins That Have Failed

However, it’s not just bitcoin and Ethereum that have suffered these huge losses. The overall market has gone down, and numerous other currencies have also suffered greatly. These include S&P 500 and Nasdaq.

This is the time when cryptos and tech stocks have simultaneously faced huge losses. This is an eye-opener for all the investors who majorly put their money on these two types of investments. This also shows that these two digital assets surely have a connection and their rise and fall works in some kind of correlation.

The Future Downfall

The prospects of a downfall further in the coming days for cryptos are bright. There are great chances of the authorities in the US considering the regulation of the cryptocurrency system and digital currency.

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This would lead to the parliament rolling back the friendly monitory policy, which aided many investors in becoming a part of the digital currency ecosystem. This will affect the market again!

For instance, in the last week, Russia has followed China’s footsteps by banning all kinds of crypto mining and dealing. This sent waves of shock in the market and greatly affected the crypto value.

Should You Invest In Bitcoin Now?

Bitcoin sees these kinds of dips regularly. This is the essence of cryptocurrencies, and they are highly volatile. As the prices go up, they tend to go down at the same speed.

However, whether you should invest in biotin depends on whether you can manage and absorb these incredible highs and lows or not!

If you are uncomfortable with these swings, you should avoid entering a market that is so volatile. Your level of risk tolerance is the yardstick according to which you need to measure your ability to enter the world of cryptos.

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Expanding your portfolio by investing in various digital assets is one rule that you should follow. If you are buying different versions of cryptos, make sure to manage them through the immediate connect

Invest Only The Extra Amount

If you have finally decided to invest in Bitcoin, make sure not to put all your money in it. Rather, just make a proper financial evaluation of your current standings and set aside only the funds you think are ‘extra’. Putting that amount into crypto is surely not a problem. As long as losing it won’t affect you directly, you can use it to buy digital currencies from it.

This way, even if the market falls suddenly, you won’t be affected much. However, if the value goes up quite high, you would make quite a lot of profit out of it.


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