Many films, shows, and programs are available to users, so viewing often occurs on TV. But enjoying the picture to the fullest will help the projector with a large screen that TV wins in four ways.

1. The size of the picture

The TV corresponds to a certain size set by the manufacturer, so it technically cannot show an image larger than the allowable one. When using a projector, the image size is, in principle, not limited because it all depends on the device’s location. The further the projector is from the wall, the larger the picture.

2. Flexibility of the image diagonal

The image can be displayed on almost any plane, including a wall. But it is usually recommended to buy a projection screen or paint the walls white to keep the picture clear and vivid.

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The cost of projection screens is much more affordable than the cost of a TV so that the size can be changed often, according to your wishes and mood.

3. Comfort

Large pictures are more beneficial for the well-being and perception of the picture because they make viewing more comfortable and reduce visual strain.

But size is not the only virtue. Human vision feels better when contemplating projected images: reflected light is considered more natural to the eyes.

4. Small size of the device

All manufacturers are trying to optimize the size of devices, but home entertainment projectors, in principle, do not need such a transformation and can replace the TV on all fronts. Also, TV boxes blend perfectly with today’s projectors and are no larger than a laptop.

It is recommended to place the projector on the ceiling to save space in the room. But in the modern market’s assortment, some short-focus models are mounted on a shelf next to the projection surface.

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Still, there are compact and stylish mobile projectors for those who like to travel, and the projection screen can be transported in a tube. The main thing is to take care of the source of electricity in advance.

What could be better than having your own cinema at home? The projector will help you make this dream come true and spend your leisure time watching your favorite movie, the image of which will spread over the entire wall. In this case, the picture’s quality will not suffer, but the impression, on the contrary, will improve.

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