As per the American Medical Association, less than a quarter of children in America achieve the recommended 60 minutes of daily physical activity. The prevalence of technology in their lives, such as smartphones, tablets, video games, and TV, is the primary reason for this low level of physical activity. Limiting their screen time is the first step towards encouraging children to be active.

The importance of physical activity for children lies in maintaining good health. Those who spend excessive time sitting in front of screens instead of exercising are at a higher risk of developing health issues such as heart disease, elevated cholesterol, and obesity. Therefore, children need to engage in physical exercise and fitness activities.

To prevent children from being inactive, it is beneficial to make exercise and fitness enjoyable, incorporating technology into the mix. With the prevalence of smartphones among children these days, using apps to encourage physical activity is a wise idea.

Best Workout And Exercise Apps For Kids

While various exercise apps for adults require no equipment, with the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, children may also be stuck at home, making it essential to keep them active and engaged. Fortunately, several exercise apps are tailored explicitly for children, making sports fun and accessible with minimal guidance required. Here are some of the best exercise apps for your child.

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Best Workout And Exercise Apps For Kids To Keep Them Active

I suggest exercising with your kids initially and encouraging them along the way. This will help them become accustomed to the workouts and make them easier to follow. Once they get used to it, they can continue doing it independently.

1. Exercises for Kids at Home

Best Workout And Exercise Apps For Kids

Exercises for Kids is a simple and user-friendly app designed for children. It features 15 exercises accompanied by video illustrations, making it easy for kids to follow along. Starting a workout is as simple as clicking the Start button on the homepage. The app also has a dedicated section outlining the benefits of each exercise. Additionally, it includes a basic calculator to determine your child’s Body Mass Index and a calendar to track their progress. While there isn’t much to set up, you can adjust the difficulty level of each exercise and set workout reminders for your child.

Download: Exercises for Kids (Android)

2. Yoga for Kids & Family Fitness

Best Workout And Exercise Apps For Kids

I won’t go into the benefits of yoga, but it’s worth noting that yoga can be helpful and suitable for people of all ages. This app offers a straightforward yoga experience with a vibrant and colorful user interface. The asanas are categorized by intensity level, ranging from light to heavy. An animal section also allows children to imitate their favorite animals in various poses. The app includes quick nutrition tips, built-in weight tracking, and a 30-day yoga plan for children. The only drawback is the presence of pop-up ads, which can be removed for a one-time fee of $1.5.

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Download: Yoga for Kids and Family (Android)

3. Yoga For Kids Teenager Workout

Best Workout And Exercise Apps For Kids

Yoga for Kids has a slightly confusing homepage compared to the previous app mentioned. However, everything works as intended. By clicking the “Start” button on the homepage, a workout with a countdown and animated illustrations of each pose begins. Alternatively, users can choose a pose from the guide section, which clearly explains how to perform each yoga posture.

In addition, users can start the timer while reading the instructions by clicking the play button. The app also includes useful features such as reminders and a built-in calendar. At the same time, some advertising is limited to the main screen and does not interfere with the workout experience.

Download: Yoga for Kids (Android)

4. Morning exercises for kids

Best Workout And Exercise Apps For Kids

Keeping the concentration of young children during exercise can be pretty challenging. Morning Gymnastics for Kids is an app designed as a graphical game to help with this. It’s a colorful interface, and lively music keeps children engaged and focused. The app is pretty simple, with the only control being the play button on the home screen to start the exercises.

Once the app starts, a child is shown performing exercises with accompanying audio instructions. This makes it easy for children to follow along without adult supervision. The exercises included in the app are straightforward, such as jumping, knee raises, head spinning, and kicking. Once the session is complete, users can tap “Exit” and start again when ready.

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Download: Morning Exercises for Kids (Android iOS)

5. Super Stretch Yoga

Best Workout And Exercise Apps For Kids

Super Stretch Yoga is an engaging yoga app designed to make yoga fun for kids. It features a superhero character named Super Stretch and his animal friends performing yoga poses. The app offers 12 poses with instructional videos, music, and animations, all accessible from the main page. The poses range from breathing exercises to dog poses, and each one comes with interactive audio instructions and videos of children performing the poses. While it’s hard to predict how much your child will use the app, the engaging graphics and animations will make the experience enjoyable.

Download: Super Stretch Yoga (Android)

6. 7-minute workouts

Best Workout And Exercise Apps For Kids

To wrap up the list, this app is exclusive to Apple and provides ad-free workout sessions that require only body weight, eliminating the need for machines or extra equipment. It offers 30 different exercises and 10 pre-set workout plans, and you can also customize your own exercises if you prefer. Additionally, this app has many tracks if your child prefers working out to music. It comes for $6.99.

Download: 7 Minute Workout (iOS)


Maintaining both physical and mental health is crucial for both adults and children. These apps provide a fun and engaging way for children to exercise and reduce stress. They have user-friendly interfaces and are visually appealing. Try these apps today to help your child stay healthy and happy!


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