When it comes to video calling, many of us immediately think of Skype. This program has long been on many computers, smartphones, and tablets. But not Skype alone! In addition to it, there are many programs – maybe a little less popular, but quite functional and convenient. After all, when Skype has glitches, many of us are looking for a replacement.

Now, during the global quarantine, video communication remains the only opportunity to see family and friends. On average, you can talk to the interlocutor on the other side of the earth in more quiet and peaceful times. In general, we have selected the best applications for video calls so that you can easily, quickly, and comfortably communicate with your loved ones.

10 Best Softwares for Video Calling

To hold a conference, lesson, or meeting, it is unnecessary to be in the office or educational institution. You can use programs for video calling and work from anywhere in the world. In this article, we compared several popular platforms and made a rating of the best.

1. Zoom

The functional and straightforward Zoom app lets you hold video conferences with several participants, arrange video calls, and exchange messages. It can be installed on PCs and mobile devices. The software provides HD video and audio quality, allows you to communicate with 1000 participants simultaneously, and includes up to 49 videos on one screen.

Best Video Conferencing Software: Top 10

In addition to videos, participants have the opportunity to show screens, share files and links. The group has a search history and archive over the past ten years. You can also record a conference on local storage or in the cloud, but for this, you need to be the creator of the conversation or administrator. All participants will be notified about the beginning of the recording.

The service offers valuable tools for replacing the background and retouching the skin. So you don’t have to worry about the background. You can always choose one of the pictures and set it as a background.

The application in question has a free version. In it, you can arrange conferences for up to a hundred people and last no more than forty minutes. Pricing for additional tools for group administration and management starts at $14.99 per month. The disadvantage is the unreliability of data storage and the security of video broadcasting.

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2. Skype

A well-known program for video calls, which is very popular. Most often, Skype is seen as a tool for keeping in touch with friends and family.

Best Video Conferencing Software: Top 10

With the help of this platform, you can easily arrange group video calls for 50 people. Use the service in your browser, install the program on your computer or download the mobile application. Skype offers a function to demonstrate the monitor and the ability to blur the background. You can also turn on automatic subtitles and record a video conference.

Need to arrange a video call with a large number of people? You will have to install a paid add-on “Skype for Business.” For a small monthly fee, you get the ability to create chats of up to 250 participants, integration with Microsoft Office, and more reliable security settings.

3. Proficonf

Proficonf is a professional video conferencing platform. It gives users the ability to make or join calls without any downloads and installations. The program is available in the most popular web browsers and on Android devices.

Best Video Conferencing Software: Top 10

The service provides HD video quality from start to finish. Proficonf allows you to arrange conferences with the participation of up to 250 people at a time (in the free version up to 25). The main advantage of the application is the adaptive communication technology. It will avoid any distortion in the quality of the video. Proficonf video conferencing was tested at 256 kilobytes per second and showed promising results even in such conditions. Also, the resource allows you to download up to 500 MB to file hosting.

It is necessary to get access to advanced functionality: to conduct webinars, online meetings with the participation of more than 25 people, or to record a conference – you need to purchase a paid version, which costs from $ 12 per month.

4. Discord

First of all, Discord is used to communicate during gameplay. It is specially optimized for gamers and offers many features for their comfortable interaction. But it can be used to communicate with any company, study or work. In the program, you can arrange voice calls or write to text chat. You can install the application on your computer or open it in a browser. Discord offers a beautiful and user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use.

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Best Video Conferencing Software: Top 10

One of the advantages of the application is it’s free. The program and the web version guarantee high sound quality. With the help of the resource, you can create or join communities of like-minded people who have common interests. For example, the public counter-strike server attracts people interested in this game.

5. VideoMost​

The program for video calls from domestic developers. With its help, you can hold conferences for 300 participants. In addition, it offers standard features: sharing a computer screen, the ability to share media files, and synchronize information with business applications (Outlook, Google Calendar, and many other valuable additions).

Best Video Conferencing Software: Top 10

You can install this service on Windows, Mac, Linux, or mobile devices. After creating a conversation here, you can optionally designate one of the participants as an administrator and extend their capabilities. VideoMost promises video quality up to 4K and the ability to record a conversation.

The program also has drawbacks: the interface design has not been updated for a long time, and it isn’t easy to perceive for modern users. Also, communication delays often occur, which interfere with comfortable communication.

6. ​ WebEx​

Cisco WebEx Meetings is an online meeting service where you can meet and connect with people from anywhere in the world. Arrange video conferencing or personal video calls. You can invite no more than 25 participants. Install the application on any device: PC, smartphone, tablet, laptop and use it wherever and when you want.

Best Video Conferencing Software: Top 10

The software provides high-quality video, allows you to organize sharing of the desktop, keyboard and mouse, Microsoft Office documents, and other applications that you may need. You will be able to communicate not only with the help of calls but by exchanging messages in the chat.

7. GoToMeeting

GoToMeetings is a web conferencing service provided by LogMeIn. With it, you can arrange video calls with sound and show the screen to other participants. One of the features that sets GoToMeetings apart is mobility – you can set up and run a major conference from your smartphone. The mobile app can be downloaded for Android and iOS.

Best Video Conferencing Software: Top 10

The program does not support the Russian language, and it is also paid: standard functions are available in the basic version, which costs $ 14 or $ 12 per month with an annual payment. You will be able to organize conferences for 15 participants.

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The business plan level is available for $19 per month. This version increases participants to 250 and includes administrator features, drawing tools, and mouse sharing.

8. Google Hangouts

A simple program for video calling from Google. It supports chat with 150 and video calls with 10 participants. You can use Google Hangouts in your browser or install the app for Chrome, iOS, and Android. Chat stories are stored on Google’s servers, allowing you to sync them between devices. You can share photos, documents, and archives to save them to closed albums and discs automatically.

Best Video Conferencing Software: Top 10

The application is not suitable for large companies, and the stability of video communication is low. For large conferences, it is better to use the Google Meet application.

9. Mind

A popular service for online communication, which allows you to hold a video conference, video lesson, or a working meeting. Connect with people from anywhere in the world. You can install the Mind app on your PC or mobile device. In addition to broadcasting, you can demonstrate the screen in HD quality, exchange messages in the chat, create a board for collaboration, conduct surveys. The program is paid. The price depends on the tariff plan. The most expensive version allows you to invite up to 500 participants and provides image quality of up to 4K.

Best Video Conferencing Software: Top 10

10. TrueConf

Software that helps you conduct video conferencing in 4K. There is no need to send links and schedule appointments through the calendar – add participants to TrueConf directly from your contacts.

Best Video Conferencing Software: Top 10

With the help of software, you can customize your video layouts. The software optimizes the workspace and eliminates gaps between video windows. During a video conference, you can assign additional moderators, add or remove participants. You’ll also have the option to ask participants to vote for an idea. People can click on the appropriate emoticon to show their attitude. The app counts user votes and shares the results with your team.

Thanks to the “picture in picture” mode, you can broadcast the video and the screen and mix them. All participants will see the speaker’s slides and videos, regardless of the device they are using.

Of the disadvantages: a complex interface in which it is easy to get confused. The application has several versions. If you download the software for free, then no more than 3 participants can connect to one conference.


I hope this article on the best video conferencing software was helpful. Now you can choose the appropriate option based on your goals, the required number of participants, video quality, and capabilities.


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