If you have deleted any files from your Android phones, such as pictures, videos, music files, applications, PDF documents, etc., you must worry that you will never be able to retrieve these files. However, we recommend the best Android data recovery software to eliminate your concern about Android data recovery without root. Let’s go ahead to undelete files on Android!

Best Tool for Android Data Recovery without Root | Tenorshare Ultdata for Android Review

Part 1: Is it possible to recover Android data without root?

The answer is Yes! If you accidentally deleted important files on your Android phone, there are several ways to recover deleted files. Unfortunately, it is risky to undelete files Android if you are reluctant for Android rooting to recover deleted files Android. In addition to recovering deleted files Android with root,  Android data recovery software can be considered a good choice for recovering deleted files on android. 

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Part 2: How can I Recover permanently deleted files from Android phone without root?

Android data loss has become an apple pie since the data can be easily lost for various reasons. Although the exact results of any Android data recovery software will vary, Tenorshare Ultdata for Android still stands out. This Android data recovery software doesn’t require root to access your device. It allows you to recover all deleted or lost files, including contacts, messages, text messages, contacts, call logs, WhatsApp chats, SMS, pictures, videos, audio, documents, documents, bookmarks, etc. By scanning, anyone can preview and select the file types they want to recover. Let’s see step-by-step how can I recover permanently deleted files from Android phone.

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 Step 1: You must download the Tenorshare Android Data Recovery software and run it on your laptop or PC. On the main interface, click “Recover Lost Data.”.

Best Tool for Android Data Recovery without Root | Tenorshare Ultdata for Android Review

Step 2: The Android device should be connected to the PC through a USB cable. Make sure that you have enabled USB debugging on your android.

Best Tool for Android Data Recovery without Root | Tenorshare Ultdata for Android Review

Step 3: To scan your phone for lost data, click “Start” once Tenorshare Android Data Recovery detects your phone.

Best Tool for Android Data Recovery without Root | Tenorshare Ultdata for Android Review

Step4: Once your Android phone has been scanned, you can preview and recover the files. Select the files that need to be recovered and then press the “Recover” button to get your files back.

Part 3: What is Tenorshare Ultdata for Android?

Ultdata for Android is a best Android data recovery software with highest technology created by Tenorshare, who focus on smartphone solutions. This photo recovery software has a user-friendly interface that makes it quite easy to access various program features without having to read through a long manual. It also supports majority of Android brands and models. Apart from recovering your lost photos, videos, audios, contacts, messages, call logs, and any other data from any Android device, do you want to know are there more features on it? Below lists its five main functions.

Best Tool for Android Data Recovery without Root | Tenorshare Ultdata for Android Review

● It can recover all types of data from deleted albums only in three steps.

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● It also supports almost all Android devices from different manufacturers. Plus, it is available for both Mac and Windows.

● It has industry-leading data recovery success rate, used by millions of Android users.

● It does not require you to root your phone, keeping your phone from virus.

● It can recover many types of Android files from various Android devices.

Best Tool for Android Data Recovery without Root | Tenorshare Ultdata for Android Review

Part 4: FAQs to restore data without root

Now let’s answer some frequent questions about recovering deleted files without root on android.

Question 1: How can I recover Android data without root?

Answer: Android data loss can be caused by millions of reasons. Below have listed some of the main reasons why Android data loss occurs!

  •  Careless or inexperienced users: Users unfamiliar with Android may accidentally delete or corrupt data files, leading to Android data loss.
  • Viruses and malware: Malicious apps can spread through contact forms or other online interactions, leading to android data loss.
  • Unintentional deletions: Sometimes, people simply forget to save important file information before quitting an app or deleting a file from an external drive.
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Question 2: How to prevent Android from data loss?

Answer: If you want to prevent Android data loss, please take care of your phone and backup your data in daily life.  Or you can use the best Android recovery software from Tenorshare to provide an effective solution for data loss by accident.

Question 3: Does Ultdata for Android recover photos quickly?

Answer: The exact time for Android data recoverywill vary depending on the size of your data. You may need to wait up to several minutes if there are quite a few photos were lost.

Question 4: Can Tenorshare Ultdata for Android steal my data?

Answer: Of course not. The users of Tenorshare Ultdata for Android can select the data they want by scanning  Android data. It is assured that Ultdata for Android is 100% secure and 100% functional to use. Anyone can restore all of important file without experiencing any data loss.

Part 5: Key Takeaway

It would be quite troublesome if we delete data from Android phone. But there is no need to worry about which methods are available for Android file recovery no root since there is a best Android data recovery software, called Tenorshare Ultdata for Android. This photo recovery software is time-saving to recover deleted data on Android with advanced techniques. It is not hard to recover deleted files Android with high successful rate, following the full-guide instructions or video tutorial given above carefully.


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