Bought a new iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Pro but did not know where to start? We have prepared a selection of Best Free Apps for your new iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Pro that should be kept at hand.

*All of these apps are functional and accessible (although some require a subscription to access the content and additional features).

1. Spark Mail

‎Download Spark Mail (Price: Free) 

An intelligent email client automatically sorts emails, helping the user ignore advertising junk and not miss important messages. Delayed sending of letters and a convenient widget for the desktop are also available.

2. Widgetsmith

‎Download Widgetsmith (Price: Free+)

An app that shot right after the advent of desktop widgets in iOS 14. It allows you to create stylish widgets – both for useful tasks and just for decorative purposes. Its most incredible feature is the ability to customize scripts to switch widgets so that your desktop automatically changes throughout the day and adjusts to your needs at different times.

3. App Icons: Themes For iPhone

Download App icon packages (Price: Free+)

Another service with which it is a little more convenient to personalize the iPhone desktop. It allows you to change the standard application icons to be more stylish and unusual, perfectly combined with the background. Some topics are paid, but the payments are one-time: you do not have to pay for a subscription.

4. Adobe Lightroom

Download Adobe Lightroom – Photo Editor (Price: Free+)

Cameras have always been one of the main advantages of the iPhone – but photos need not only to be taken but also processed. This task will help to cope with the mobile Lightroom, which supports wide manual settings and presets for quick processing. Several ready-made profiles are available, and the ability to save your versions can be synchronized with the PC version of the editor. The application also allows you to shoot and process RAW.

5. iMovie

‎Download iMovie (Price: Free)

A proprietary video editor from Apple allows you to create high-quality videos for upload to YouTube and other social networks. Users have access to 8 themes and ten filters for quick editing and a library of sound effects, and more than 80 background songs.

6. Spotify

Spotify – Listen to Music (Price: Free+)

While Apple Music constantly pleases users with new features, Spotify attracts audiences with more flexible recommendations that adapt to users’ tastes. And given that from October 2021, the service finally showcased podcasts. The application can now replace the Apple Podcasts.

7. Netflix

‎Download Netflix (Price: Free+)

Another movie streaming app that is worth having at your fingertips. Unlike the web client, the mobile application allows you to download movies and TV series episodes into the device’s memory to watch on the road and not waste traffic. Please note: although the application itself is free, you will not be able to use it without a subscription.

8. YouTube

‎Download YouTube (Price: Free+)

This application needs no introduction: here, you can find everything from your favorite bloggers and short Shorts videos to new trailers and clips. The function of downloading videos to the device, as in the case of Netflix, is available only to owners of a paid subscription.

9. Todoist

Download Todoist: To-do and to-do list (Price: Free+)

One of the most popular task managers in the App Store has a free version that gives access to all the necessary functions. Cases can be divided into five projects (for example, Home, Work, Personal, etc.) and work on them together with other users, making the tool convenient for work and family use. Todoist also supports integration with other services, including Gmail, Google Calendar, and Slack.

10. Notion

‎Download Notion – Notes, projects, docs (Price: Free+)

A more advanced application that will allow you to create task lists for all occasions and organize a database and notes. In Notion, you can run personal and work projects, create tables, build knowledge bases, and save links from your browser.


‎Download Faster Internet (Price: Free+)

A free application that allows you to hide your activity on the network from the provider partially, bypass some blocks, and speed up the initial access to the site thanks to a secure DNS connection. At the same time, it is not a VPN – and therefore does not slow down the Internet.

12. Keynote

‎Download Keynote (Price: Free) 

A valuable tool for those who often have to create presentations for work or study. Perhaps the best feature of Apple’s solution (besides being completely free) is a vast and constantly growing library of ready-made themes. In just a few minutes right on your smartphone, you can create a vivid and exciting presentation with thoughtful transitions and interactive elements.

13. Google Docs

Download Google Docs (Price: Free) 

A universal and completely free application for working on texts is suitable for both work and personal tasks. Although all documents are stored in the cloud by default, they can also be downloaded to an editing device without network access.

14. Alarmy

Download Alarmy-puzzle alarm clock (Price: Free+)

A useful application for those who rarely manage to wake up on the usual alarm clock. Alarmy allows you to turn a mute into a whole quest: the melody will not calm down until you solve several equations, do a dozen squats or take a picture of a specific place or object in the house. The service also offers several options for soothing music with a shutdown timer to make it easier to wake up and go to bed.

15. Dosh: Find Cash Back Deals 

Download ‎Dosh: Find Cash Back Deals (Price: Free)

With Dosh, you get paid when you shop and dine at places you already visit, including Walmart, Costco, Sephora, Dunkin, Office Depot, Forever 21, PetSmart, eBay, and DoorDash. Uber, Home Depot, and thousands more! You can even get real cashback on your next hotel booking.


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