The Daily Meal Recorder app can be a great way to stay on top of your health and weight goals. Our daily diet has a significant impact not only on our weight but also on how we feel. Keeping track of what you eat can help you achieve your weight goals faster and develop healthier eating habits. By writing down everything you consume, you can learn more about your health and how food affects your mood and overall lifestyle.

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Although it may seem daunting to keep track of everything you eat, it’s a good habit to develop, like keeping a diary. You’ll be able to discover new things about yourself and your eating habits. Many great food-tracking apps are available for Android and iOS, and each app takes a different approach. Some apps ask you to input what you eat, while others ask for more details. It’s essential to find an app that fits your lifestyle and needs.

Best Food Tracking Apps for Android & iOS

1. See How You Eat (Android, iOS): A visual diary of your foods.

Taking pictures of everything you eat is a simple way to start tracking your food intake, and the See How You Eat app is perfect for beginners. Unlike other food tracking apps that require you to enter many details, See How You Eat lets you take a picture of what you eat and move on. It also includes reminders to help you remember to take photos during meals.

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To get the most out of the app, take pictures of everything you eat, from small snacks to large meals. However, note that See How You Eat has a daily limit of 12 photos, so you can’t use it for tracking water or coffee intake. While there may be some bugs, the app is still helpful for those starting with food tracking.

Download: See how you eat for Android system | iOS (Free)

2. YouEat (Android, iOS)

YouEat is an innovative food and reminder tracking app that helps you create a meal schedule while understanding the reasons behind your food choices. It is designed to promote mindful eating and healthy habits.

To get started, take pictures of all your meals and snacks and indicate whether they align with your meal plan. The app allows you to track your progress and deviations from your diet plan. Additionally, you can identify why you ate certain foods, such as hunger, cravings, or stress, and add notes for each photo.

Using YouEat can help you analyze your eating habits and the factors leading to confident choices. Identifying the reasons behind your food choices can help you eliminate unhealthy habits and stick to your diet plan. You can also try the Manage these recipes app to discover new, healthy food options for additional support.

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Download: YouEat for Android iOS (Free)

3. RiseUp (Android, iOS): How Food Affects Mood

Best Food Tracking Apps for Android & iOS

Understanding how food affects your mental state is essential, especially if you suffer from any disorder. RiseUp is an app that allows you to track what you eat and how you feel after consuming it, helping you identify patterns over time.

In the app, you can add details such as what you ate, how you ate it, and whether you ate alone or with others. You can also note your emotions and thoughts about meal times. RiseUp offers targeted behaviors such as weighing yourself before and after a meal or tracking overeating to help you further recognize patterns.

RiseUp also sends daily reminders to encourage you to write down your feelings and thoughts. Collecting all this data can give you insight into how food affects your mood.

Download: RiseUp for Android | iOS (Free)

4. Cara Care (Android, iOS): Advanced full-body tracker

Best Food Tracking Apps for Android & iOS

The Cara app is an excellent option for users who want to track their food and water intake and other lifestyle factors. In addition to logging your meals, this app allows you to record a range of other symptoms and factors, which can help you identify patterns over time.

To use Cara, add each food or drink you consume without navigating complicated menus. You can also track the amount of water you drink daily, helping you stay hydrated and avoid adverse health effects.

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Along with food and water intake, Cara allows you to record other factors that may affect your health, such as bowel movements, digestion, mental state, medications and supplements, menstruation, skin condition, exercise, sleep, and pain. Tracking these variables over time can give you valuable insights into how your diet and lifestyle affect your overall well-being. For example, if you develop a rash after eating pineapple, Cara can help you pinpoint the cause of this reaction.

Download: Cara for Android iOS (Free)

5. MyPlate (Android, iOS): A simple calorie counter with a great community

MyPlate, a calorie-counting app from LiveStrong, is designed to help users achieve their fitness goals within the LiveStrong community. While similar to other fitness apps, its user interface is more straightforward and attractive.

MyPlate allows you to set specific goals for macronutrients like carbohydrates and sodium. You can easily add foods by searching the extensive database of two million items or scanning barcodes for automatic selection. The app automatically calculates the calories and nutritional information for each item.

While MyPlate is comparable to other premium apps like MyFitnessPal, Health, or Lifesum, its user-friendly interface may make it a better choice for those new to calorie counting.

Download: MyPlate for Android | iOS (Free)

Exercise Cannot Be Ignored

After identifying your eating habits and their impact, you may believe that making dietary changes is sufficient to shed excess weight. However, scientific evidence suggests otherwise.

Although adopting a healthy diet is crucial to losing weight, you must not neglect exercise or other wellness practices.

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