In today’s information-rich day, the most important place when assembling a personal computer and laptop is given to the choice of a hard disk. Therefore, it is necessary to be extremely responsible in accounting for device parameters for safe storage and easy use of the accumulated media content. However, despite the rapid development of solid-state SDD-drives, a significant part of consumers prefer the usual HDD-drives. What parameters of hard drive models should you pay attention to so that after purchasing you do not regret wasted finances?

The most important parameters of a quality hard drive

Before purchasing it is necessary to indicate the purpose, desired features and form factor of the hard drive. Among the abundance of significant parameters of a HDD, the following key should be identified:

  1. The capacity of the device, which can range from 256 gigabytes to 10 terabytes. However, given the usual amount of information stored on the disk, you should give preference to at least 1-2 terabytes of memory.
  2. Current drive form factors can be produced for 1.8-3.5-inch chassis, but an average 2.5-inch size would be reasonable for installation.
  3. The volume of the disk’s own memory, or the clipboard, the optimal value of which is 64 MB.
  4. Connection options, the interface for which should be viewed from the Sata series. The latter has a bandwidth of up to 6 GB per second.
  5. Accounting for spindle rotations with a standard number of revolutions of 5400-7200 per minute.
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High-quality models of hard drives for a personal computer

The extremely popular model among consumers, the Seagate ST1000DM010, pleases not only with a cost of 2300 rubles, but also with the versatility of the installation. Since it is available for both personal and portable devices. The specified model has 1000 GB, a two-year warranty service life and a significant spindle speed, which is an indicator of an excellent ratio of quality filling and price. The device has a 3.5-inch case and a data volume of 64 MB. A similar model from the Seagate series has a variety of applications.

2020 hard drive models

One of the best models of a hard drive for a personal computer Western Digital WD Black 1 TB (WD1003FZEX) is available to consumers for sale at a price of 5500 rubles. Installation quality guarantees drive responsiveness, a five-year lifespan, and a 125MB cache. The latter is made according to the latest and high quality WD technologies, which ensure safe storage and efficient use of information.

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2020 hard drive models

Preferred laptop hard drive model

The branded Seagate Barracuda Pro 1TB 7200 prm 128MB ST1000LM049 2.5 SATA III is the best choice for an HHD drive today. Such a device is available for sale at a cost of 3600 rubles and is intended for both desktop and laptop computers. The spindle speed of 7200 rpm ensures lightning-fast loading and efficient maintenance of system settings, and the FDB bearing ensures quiet operation of the device. Moreover, manufacturers have taken care of installing the competent SeaToolsTM software, which implements the diagnostics of the drive.

2020 hard drive models

What do you look for when buying a hard drive?

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