There are numerous benefits of consolidating enterprise content. Although most people see content consolidation as a cost-saving strategy, this method has many other advantages.

Due to technological advancement and the need to improve service delivery, most companies are getting rid of redundancies and bring all information into one central place. This is a trend that was seen a few decades ago.

Below are the common benefits of consolidating your enterprise content:

1. Saving of maintenance costs

The most common benefits revolve around saving money. This comes in different ways. One of them is through the reduction of support costs. Bringing together content repositories minimizes the cost of upgrading and maintaining the infrastructure of your ECM.

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Take, for example, a business that has two content repositories operating on different vendor technologies. To be able to support properly manage these two repositories. You will have to train your employees on how to use two technologies and two applications.

2. You can easily find content whenever you need it

In an era where people largely depend on the internet to search for information, limiting the amount of information you are storing is good. This will ensure that only important information or documents are indexed.

Having several versions of a document stored on different servers at various completion stages can be disastrous to the company. But the good news is that Oracle WebCenter has a content de-duplication feature that can stop duplication of the same versions.

3. It helps lower the cost of storage

Through consolidation, businesses can minimize the cost of storing documents. The advantage of consolidation is that you will easily notice documents that are no longer important and get rid of them as soon as possible. This means you can eliminate irrelevant documents and replace them with new ones instead of looking for new space.

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4. Presentation of content in the context of enterprise applications

It is one thing to search for information, and it is totally a different thing to be able to search content presented in a relevant context. Users like it when all the information presented is relevant to the product or service they are purchasing.

5. Unauthorized access

Consolidating enterprise content into a single system means there is only one entry point. This helps in preventing unauthorized access. Your business or organization has worked hard and spent a lot of money to acquire intellectual assets and other trade secrets. That’s why you need only one door to ensure that these gems are well protected.

6. Making better decisions

Last but not least, consolidating your enterprise content also helps you make informed business decisions. They say information is power, and the more you have it, the better equipped you are.

In general, consolidating your enterprise content comes with numerous benefits for different businesses around the world. Choosing a good content hub like Contentful is a great idea if you’re looking to gain control over your content.


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