Apple’s iPhone has emerged as the leader in smartphone customer satisfaction, surpassing its rival, Samsung, according to the latest American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) data. The ACSI, known for assessing the satisfaction of wireless carriers, revealed that Apple’s iPhone experienced a slight increase in satisfaction compared to the previous year, allowing it to claim the crown of satisfaction.

The ACSI’s survey, conducted from April 2022 to March 2023 and involving 15,881 consumers, showcased Apple’s dominance in customer satisfaction across different product categories. Notably, the iPhone’s satisfaction rating was on par with popular products like soft drinks and sports shoes, highlighting consumer contentment with Apple’s flagship smartphone.

In a previous survey on personal computers, Apple’s Macs and iPads had already secured the highest customer satisfaction score, closely followed by Samsung. The latest findings reaffirmed Apple’s position at the top, indicating that iPhone users are the most satisfied smartphone buyers.

IPhone owner satisfaction witnessed a 1% increase compared to the previous year, while Samsung’s rating remained unchanged. This propelled Apple to secure a leading score of 81 points, while Samsung followed closely with 80 points. Google claimed the third position with 78 points, and Motorola secured fourth place with 75 points. Apple’s score surpassed the average smartphone satisfaction rating by two points, standing at 79.

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Apple's iPhone Surpasses Samsung in Customer Satisfaction, Claims Crown in Latest ACSI Survey

Delving deeper into the comparison between Apple and Samsung, both companies’ 5G models received identical satisfaction ratings of 81 points. However, Apple’s non-5G models scored 78 points, while Samsung’s non-5G phones obtained 74 points, emphasizing the superior satisfaction experienced by iPhone users across various models.

Apple's iPhone Surpasses Samsung in Customer Satisfaction, Claims Crown in Latest ACSI Survey

Although the ACSI did not provide separate scores for each survey category based on brand, it highlighted ten areas where Apple outperformed Samsung. Furthermore, the ACSI scores 2023 were compared to those of the previous year, demonstrating Apple’s consistent excellence in customer satisfaction.

Apple's iPhone Surpasses Samsung in Customer Satisfaction, Claims Crown in Latest ACSI Survey

While the overall category of “cell phones”/smartphones achieved a satisfaction rating of 79 points, Apple’s iPhone stood out with its impressive score of 81, solidifying its position alongside popular consumer products like athletic shoes and soft drinks.


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