On March 15, an unknown blogger named John Proser tweeted a post. In it, John wrote that soon Apple will release new flagship models of smartphones. And on March 18, the company actually unveiled the new MacBook Air and iPad Pro devices. At the end of March, John published a post where he wrote that the iPhone 9 will be on sale. In the post, the blogger also wrote the exact release date. His assumptions regarding the release date were accurate. Previously, no one knew an insider named John Proser. Now all users of social networks know about it, especially the company’s specialists.

John’s popularity grew so much that journalists and bloggers of the well-known MacWorld website decided to interview him. In the course of the interview, it turned out that John does not particularly follow the activities of Apple. The insider has his own YouTube channel called Front Page Tech. More than 200,000 users have subscribed to his channel. Following the success with precise launch dates for new Apple devices, the number of subscribers began to grow. John also began collaborating with Ming Chi Kuo, Mark Gurman and Ben Geskin.

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According to John himself, throughout 2019 he worked to become a reputable journalist and successfully host the show. At the moment, Proser is carefully working on each episode of his show. Now the insider is popular and therefore, first of all, he must think about his reputation. Proser always monitors his speech during performances. After all, one wrong word can ruin all 8 years of hard work.

Who is John Proser: how he is connected with the rumors around Apple

After 2 published posts about the largest smartphone company, John became a private forecasting insider. A correctly prepared forecast can spread on the Internet in just a few minutes. At the same time, such rumors attract such serious publications as the New York Times and MacRumors.

After making accurate predictions, the insider’s tweets began to be read even by experts in the field of modern technology. And therefore, by publishing a post with predictions, Proser risks his career. Last year, Apple blocked many rumored websites. For example, in 2019, Apple closed the largest publication, ThikSecret. Proser commented that he had never paid to drain reliable information. Despite this, he tries to keep the names of some people secret. John shows creativity and ingenuity with his posts. In an interview, John said that he was preparing several publications with reliable information.

Do you read prediction posts?

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