Touch Bar in MacBook Pro: Will it survive in future models? Even though Apple offers users the largest number of useful innovations that competitors are almost always in a hurry to copy, some of its developments turn out to be very compromised. And this is to put it mildly because among the users of the brand’s devices, although some appreciate such technologies, the majority still prefer not to interact with them. I will not list them now so as not to offend anyone. The main thing is that Apple itself understands that it did not work out very well and did not hesitate to correct its mistakes.

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Touch Bar in MacBook Pro: Will it survive?

No, Touch Bar will almost certainly disappear from future generations of MacBook Pro.

MacBook Pros due in 2021 will lose the Touch Bar. Two industry experts announced this at once: TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, known for the accuracy of his forecasts, and Bloomberg columnist Mark Gurman, who has connections to various Apple suppliers. Their independence from each other can serve as an indirect confirmation of the imminent abandonment of the touchpad, which, although popular among a limited audience of MacBook Pro owners, clearly did not pull on the title of a killer feature.

Opinions about Touch Bar

Apple will abandon the Touch Bar in MacBook Pro this year

Apple Replaces Touch Bar with Functional Key Row

Although the Touch Bar’s removal looks like a clear downgrade, according to Ming-Chi Kuo and Mark Gurman, it will affect all MacBook Pro 2021 models. That is, there will no longer be models with a touch bar in the lineup, which will be replaced with several function keys … In fact, the understanding of the meaninglessness of the Touch Bar for most users came to Apple gradually. The first call in favor of this component would have to be abandoned the physical Esc key’s appearance, which was previously absent.

In favor of the fact that the Touch Bar was really not needed by most users, their reactions on Twitter say:

Will the MacBook Pro be without the Touch Bar and revert to Magnetic Safe Charging? This is the smallest but most enjoyable victory that could be achieved today!

Apple constantly tries to reinvent the bicycle, then realizes that nothing has worked out, refuses it, and after 5 years again offers it as something new. Never liked the Touch Bar. Sorry for the bad words, Tim. Just please don’t block my iCloud.

The Touch Bar just drove me crazy. When I turn up the volume, I want to feel the physical control keys under my fingers so that I don’t have to search for the right elements on the keyboard like a degenerate who is not familiar with touch typing. Obviously, the Touch Bar is a thing for psychopaths who like trash, like smart mirrors.

Why do you need a Touch Bar?

Apple will abandon the Touch Bar in MacBook Pro this year

Touch Bar can do almost everything except something useful.

In general, there were positive comments on the Touch Bar on Twitter, but the majority thinks that it would be better if Apple never equips its laptops with this panel at all. In the end, she never managed to offer users precious use cases that could be applied by everyone without exception. Of course, you should not consider any narrowly focused chips that can be used at best 1 time out of 10.

I am very close to the Touch Bar, perhaps because I have never owned a MacBook Pro. However, I never understood its purpose and did not even keep in mind to buy a professional laptop because of this contraption. I was not afraid that I would not cope with a laptop without a function row of keys – it just always seemed to me that I was overpaying in vain for a function I did not need. And now, if Apple ditches the touchpad, I want to believe that MacBook Pros will become a little cheaper, and much more users can afford to buy them.

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