From 2015 to 2020, new generations of Apple Watch are released annually. Standard in the first month of autumn. Nothing is stopping Apple from breaking this tradition, but it certainly won’t. That is, a new generation of smartwatches will almost certainly be presented in September, and they will be called Apple Watch Series 7. There is still eternity before their release, but something is already known about what they will be. Apple doesn’t like to talk to the media about its plans and future technical breakthroughs (exceptions only confirm this rule), but the world is small. And some details about the company’s new watches are already known.

More than 100 million people worldwide wear Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Series 7

These could be the new Apple Watch.

Apple Watch 7 Specifications

The battery in Apple Watch is too low. They have to be charged at least once a day. Many have gotten into the habit of placing the Apple Watch on the wireless charger mat in the evening. This was acceptable until the Apple Watch learned to track the wearer’s sleep quality. But that’s not the worst part either. In smartwatches from Samsung, Fitbit, and some other companies, battery life is no longer measured in hours but days.

Apple is looking for a solution to this problem. The number of patents and patent applications on this topic has increased dramatically in the past year and a half. The topic is relevant not only for smartwatches, but if Apple takes something seriously, the result is inevitable.

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One patent application proposed placing small rechargeable batteries in Apple Watch bands. The straps are removable. They weigh almost nothing and can be carried with you in any quantity, extending the smart watch’s battery life (between charges) at times. The idea is criticized as if it does not comply with Apple’s design principles. But it does not solve the main problem either.

Apple Watch Series 7

Apple could put extra batteries right in the straps.

Rumored in Apple Watch Series 7, there will be no Taptic Engine… Its functions will remain, but the engine will not. This engine takes up a lot of space in the Apple Watch case, and if the battery occupies all this space, the battery capacity can be significantly increased. True, the Taptic Engine will not go anywhere at all – it will combine with the battery into a standard functional unit.

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Apple Watch Series 7

Taptic Engine really takes up a lot of space.

Whether this hybrid will be able to work reliably for a long time is a big question. Taptic Engine is a vibration generator. It is easy to imagine how these vibrations will affect the battery’s contacts with energy consumers. There is information about a method allegedly found by Apple to increase the specific capacity of batteries by one and a half or two times – but there are no plausible rumors that this find will be used in the company’s serial products. It would be much better than a vibrating battery.

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Apple Watch 7 Design

Based on the information we have, the new Apple Watch will change its form factor. In other words, Apple Watch will either grow in size or shrink. Apple analyst Min Chi Ko did not give details. Other sources confirm information that in factories in mainland China, the production lines on which the Apple Watch is produced are tuned to something new from Apple.

Apple Watch Series 7

Apple Watch 7 concept inspired by iPhone 12

It is assumed that Apple Watch 7 will be smaller and thinner. They will not become round, but the design from the iPhone 12 can be borrowed entirely.

Apple Watch 7 Price

If Apple Watch Series 7 really does have many new things, the base price could rise from $399 to $449 or $499. According to rumors, the price will not change. There will be some new paid options, and there will be no need to increase the price.

Apple Watch Series 7

How do you like this redesign of Apple watches? Share in the comment section below.

Should you buy an Apple Watch Series 7?

The budget Apple Watch Series 7 will give way to the budget model from the second era – Apple Watch SE. This means that soon older models will stop servicing and supporting watchOS updates for them. But the Apple Watch Series 7 is supposed to be released for several years without any modifications or changes. And this is a new model. It must be tested in actual conditions.

What Apple plans, only they know. There are only speculations and fantasies, but exciting ones. Indirectly confirming that Apple Watch Series 7 will open a new era in the Apple Watch history. I look forward to it.

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