For a long time, one of the main chips of MacBooks was charging MagSafe. Many did not catch this time anymore, but before, it was really enough to bring the charging cable to the laptop port, and it magnetized to the computer as if by magic, making a characteristic sound. How many MacBooks this charging system saved is hard to imagine. I myself tripped over the cable of my 2013 MacBook Pro several times and was happy to see the cable unhooking itself from the laptop, and the computer itself did not fly after it onto the tile floor. With the MacBook Pro 2020 (even on the M1), this will not work. It will be on the floor with the charger. But Apple decided to fix it (although it brewed everything itself).

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Many do not even remember that once MacBooks were charged like this.

When will we see the new MacBook Pro?

The company plans to upgrade its MacBook Pro laptops this year with much faster processors, updated displays, and a magnetic charger. Bloomberg reports citing someone familiar with Apple’s plans. The new laptops are expected to come with two screen sizes: a 14-inch model, codenamed J314, and a 16-inch version, codenamed J316 by Apple. Both MacBook Pros will use versions of Apple’s next-generation processors (M1X?), With more cores and improved graphics.

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In addition to the more powerful chips, Apple is also planning to upgrade the displays in its new MacBook Pros. The screens will become brighter and more contrasting, we are not talking about mini-LEDs yet, but these may be just such displays. Externally, the new MacBooks will not be much different, but Apple will still make small design changes. The company plans to release new MacBook Pros approximately in mid-2021.

MagSafe on MacBook Pro

Apple wants to bring magnetic charging back to MacBook Pro. What for? TechRechard

The new MagSafe will work like the old.

One of the changes in the new computers will be the way they charge. For the past five years, Apple has used USB-C ports for both power and data on its laptops, making them compatible with third-party chargers. But now the company has decided to return the MagSafe, a magnetic power adapter, and if you pull on such a cable, it will simply disconnect from the computer. The MacBook itself will not be damaged. It has been a favorite feature of many in Apple’s laptop line, which was first introduced in 2006 and most recently revived in the latest iPhone line.

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In fact, those looking to do MagSafe in a MacBook have done it even with regular USB-C ports. On Ali, you can find many similar accessories that are plugged into the USB-C port in MacBook and have magnets with which the cable is attached – like this thing from Baseus… Thus, it will detach itself from the laptop—$10 all the pleasure if you touch the wire. Hopefully, Apple makes a similar solution.

Apple wants to bring magnetic charging back to MacBook Pro. What for? TechRechard

Magnetic charging can also be done in new MacBooks

The return of MagSafe to the new MacBook Pros will also allow these laptops to charge faster, the source said. The connector will look like the elongated shape of the old MagSafe.

Something else is interesting. Bloomberg writes that Apple has tested new MacBooks without the Touch Bar. Introduced with the MacBook Pro in 2016, the Touch Bar transforms the top row of the keyboard from function keys to a touchscreen strip that can display various information and a variable set of controls tailored to specific applications. Many users have stated that this control scheme is less convenient than physical buttons.

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It seems that the company decided to go back to basics. If I generally approve of the Touch Bar’s rejection (for several months, I rarely touched this panel in my MacBook), then the return of MagSafe is both pleasing and saddening. I am glad that this can really help save the computer’s life if you accidentally touch the charging wire. But this also means that users will not be able to use chargers from other manufacturers. For example, I charge my MacBook Pro such an adapter that can still simultaneously charge the iPhone, iPad, or other devices. Am I ready to go back to my old MagSafe chargers? Not really. And you?

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