There is a gap in the line of Apple laptops. It lacks a model that many would be happy to purchase, but in July 2019, the last such MacBook, called MacBook 12 (yes, that simple), was discontinued. Even those who prefer small laptops reacted to his demise with understanding, but not because such laptops are no longer interesting or needed by anyone. The specific model was unsuccessful. Next time everything will turn out better. Moreover, the opportunity to create a masterpiece is obvious. There is plenty of free space inside the M1 MacBooks. With almost no compromises and without much effort, the same electronic filling can be accommodated in a significantly smaller enclosure. True, the reduced battery capacity cannot but decrease, and its charge will be enough for 10-12 hours of operation in the most gentle mode. But that would be something.

It’s time to resurrect the MacBook, already forgotten by many.

The first Mac based on Apple Silicon, the only one supposed to be shown to the public on November 10, would have been even smaller. Details were already known about him, so plausible and logically consistent that it seemed that one could touch him. This phantom was a resurrected MacBook, with an Apple Silicon inside.

A thin case, quiet (there is no active cooling system, that is, there is no fan), weighing only 907 grams, with a normal keyboard – and without chronic sores, energy-efficient chips from Intel – that’s all they wanted. Didn’t wait. Apple had no intention of resurrecting the MacBook. It was throwing distracting misinformation.

When will MacBook 12 2021 be released?

However, information has now surfaced again that Apple is working on updating the 12-inch MacBook. In general, it is enough for Apple to reduce the frames around the screen, replace the display with a modern one with all the fashionable attributes (Retina, True Tone, 227 PPI, and the like – like in older MacBooks). And because of the thin bezels, the screen size will approach 13 inches diagonally. Two options are possible, the first of which could be implemented in 2021, the second – no earlier than 2022.

Apple wants to bring back 12-inch MacBook with new design and M1 chip

12-inch MacBook concept with minimal bezels

The first option screen size diagonally – the same 12 inches, but the body itself is smaller than the prehistoric MacBook Air. Any remaining unoccupied space after placing the electronics will be filled with batteries. Apple is working on a battery with a higher charge density than the current ones. The small MacBook Air M1 makes sense to reduce the clock speed of its productive cores slightly. It will still be the fastest among subnotebooks. CPU, GPU, Neural Processor, and all the other wonders in a compact and light laptop, super-fast SSDs, and apparently even cheaper than the big MacBook Air. It would sell very well.

The second option is based on rumors and information obtained by Ming-Chi Ko in the secret correspondence he intercepted from Taiwanese and Chinese factories involved in MacBooks’ production. In 2022, the MacBook Air will radically change its appearance. Perhaps their form factor will change. The sizes of the screens will increase if the case will increase, then not much. Min did not say anything about mini-LEDs in the MacBook Air. Air is cheap household laptops. For them in 2022, mini-LED displays will still be too expensive. A 13-inch MacBook Air (13.3-inch) will be 14.1-inches, and my 11.6-inch Air will be 12.1- or 12.4-inches.

Apple wants to bring back 12-inch MacBook with new design and M1 chip

In its original form, it was the most expensive typewriter.

Why was the 12-inch MacBook removed from the market?

Apple’s first truly compact laptop was the 11-inch MacBook Air, presented by Steve Jobs on the wonderful date of 10/20/2010. In the year, iPad and iPhone 4. The presentation began with a question to the audience:

What happens when you cross iPad and Mac?

This question’s answer is two second-generation MacBook Air models, with diagonals of 11.6 and 13.3 inches (29.46 and 33.78 cm). The history of the MacBook Air as a mainstream laptop began that day.

There is nothing better to say about him. In all other respects, it was the worst apple laptop. Intel’s energy-efficient Broadwell Y-series processors, even in their fastest modifications, were strikingly weak. They allowed composing small texts, surfing the Internet, and playing Tetris or playing solitaire. Still, even this had to be done carefully – not to open too many applications or too many tabs in the browser.

Apple wants to bring back 12-inch MacBook with new design and M1 chip

What can you do with a single USB-C port?

The butterfly keyboard, fantastically thin and with very short key travel, which Apple heralded as a technical breakthrough, was either disastrously flawed or flawed in nature.

That’s not all – the only USB 3.1 port with data transfer rates up to 5Gbps and no Thunderbolt support. I still don’t understand how such squalor was approved by the company’s management and turned into a real product. And who allowed the MacBook, almost unchanged, to make two more attempts, in 2016 and 2017. But in 2021, in a new design and with a system on the M1 chip, he can be given a chance.

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