So much time has passed since Apple’s very presence that you may not remember what was new there. Well, okay, maybe someone will remember about charging MagSafe, maybe a docking station for a watch and a phone will pop up in someone’s memory, but it is doubtful that someone will remember about a wallet case. And even more so will buy.
Alas, most will never even touch this thing because everything has already worked out in their head: inconvenient, strange, expensive, and useless. And yes, you will also lose everything at once!

And I am that strange one who immediately understood this thing and bought it. Moreover, I am so crazy that I will try, if not to convince you, then at least make you go and feel what it is and how it is.
Let’s start at the end. It seems to me that people should stop deceiving themselves, because today all the most important things are stored in your devices: money, personal information and correspondence, access and photos of varying degrees of decency. This list can be continued, but one way or another, it is a fact. At the same time, no one refuses to buy a phone or laptop.

Apple wallet case, opinion on a good accessory that no one will understand TechRechard

Ok, maybe this is a sensible idea, but then why this accessory? I would say that it performs several functions at once:

  • It allows you to carry cards. For example, banking, because there are still places where you can’t put your phone on and pay off. You can also put your favorite coffee shop card/coupon, a car key card, or a neatly folded tip for your barber. The only thing you have to choose is that only 3 cards fit comfortably.
  • Improves the grip of the phone. Surprisingly, this is true. The case fills the palm of your hand and allows you to hold your phone a little more confidently. If this is the case on large iPhones (alas, only tested 12 on), this is really cool.
  • Allows you to protect your phone a little without hiding it in cases. This will not save you from falling, but you can put it on the table without fear of scratching the back cover, cameras, or something else. Well, of course, you will stand out among the bulk that immediately hide a brand new iPhone in a case.

Someone may not like how it all looks, but this is the case. There is no need to argue about tastes.
I would also like to cut off questions about cost immediately. The thing is of high quality and pleasant. Besides, it is also thought out (even by thrusting one bank card, it will hold on tightly and will not fall out, while still not demagnetizing due to the special coating inside), so there is something to ask for money for. And yes, don’t forget that analogs (at least for now) no, but it means, and it is impossible to say whether it is expensive or not.

Apple wallet case, opinion on a good accessory that no one will understand TechRechard

Well, at the end I would like to talk about the “inconvenience” of the accessory. First, everyone is afraid that he will fall away. This is not so. The wallet is very tight. The main thing is to fix it correctly and not just throw it on the iPhone’s back cover.
Secondly, someone may be confused that the cards are almost impossible to pull out without removing the accessory. But here, you need to understand that either it will be implemented like this, or your cards will fall out and be sad and sad.
And thirdly, there is a fear of a significant increase in thickness, because of which you can no longer put a phone in your pocket. If you have some very, very skinny jeans, yes, it will be hard. But then it’s hard for you to stuff your phone into those jeans. But in general, nothing critical. This accessory does not delay the pocket. Especially after buying it;)

Apple wallet case, opinion on a good accessory that no one will understand TechRechard

These are my thoughts about the new accessory from Apple. Of course, it will not be a hit of sales, but it will be very offensive if the wallet case will be remembered as a stupid, disastrous thing after some time.

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