Apple has taken a significant step towards supporting designers by launching an official design kit for Figma, the popular interface design tool. This new design kit is specifically tailored to assist designers in creating mockups of applications for Apple’s Vision Pro operating system. With the recent release of the visionOS software development kit (SDK), Apple is now providing Figma users with comprehensive resources to enhance their design workflow.

Comprehensive Resources for visionOS Design

The visionOS design kit for Figma encompasses various design components, including UI elements, system interfaces, views, text styles, color styles, and materials. These resources are the building blocks for designers to create highly realistic visionOS app designs rapidly. Apple aims to empower designers and streamline the design process for visionOS applications by offering a complete set of essential ingredients.

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Apple Unveils Official Design Kit for Figma: Introducing visionOS Resources

Figma: A Preferred Tool for Apple Platform Designers

Figma has long been favored by designers working on Apple platforms thanks to its robust features for working with vector graphics and prototyping. Apple’s decision to release an official design kit for Figma underscores its commitment to supporting designers’ needs and ensuring they can access the best possible resources for their design projects.

Expanding Design Kit Offerings

In addition to the visionOS design kit, Figma users can access other official design kits Apple provides. These include iOS 17, iPadOS 17, and macOS Sonoma resources, covering various interface elements such as home and lock screens, notifications, text styles, and materials. Apple aims to offer a comprehensive suite of design resources that cater to the needs of designers across its various platforms.

Availability and Considerations

Designers interested in utilizing the official visionOS design kit can find it on the Figma website. However, it is essential to note that the kit is currently in beta, and certain aspects may change as visionOS and Apple Vision Pro approach their official release in early 2024. To ensure a smooth integration, designers should install the latest version of SF Symbols before utilizing the visionOS library.

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Apple’s Continued Support for Designers

Apple’s release of an official design kit for Figma demonstrates its ongoing commitment to supporting designers and providing them with the necessary tools to bring their creative visions to life. By collaborating with leading design platforms like Figma, Apple aims to foster a vibrant and productive design community that can deliver exceptional user experiences on its platforms.


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