Apple has announced that starting with tvOS 17, developers can release VPN (Virtual Private Network) apps on the Apple TV App Store. This long-awaited feature will provide users with enhanced privacy and allow them to securely access content directly from their Apple TV on their private networks.

Support for VPN

Apps on Apple TV During the WWDC 2023 keynote, Apple briefly mentioned adding third-party VPN support for Apple TV. The company has now provided more details about this feature on its website, highlighting the benefits it will bring to enterprise and educational users.

According to Apple, third-party VPN apps on Apple TV will enable users to access content on their private networks, making the device a versatile solution for office spaces and conference rooms. The ability to establish secure connections through VPNs directly on Apple TV will enhance privacy and expand the range of possibilities for users.

Automatic VPN Settings Configuration

Similar to iOS, developers can create apps that automatically configure VPN settings on Apple TV. This means that users can expect a seamless setup process and simplified management of their VPN connections.

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Availability and Compatibility

As tvOS 17 introduces a new API to support VPN apps, users must wait until the update is officially released later this year to access these apps on the Apple TV App Store. Developers can test tvOS 17 by enrolling their Apple TV in the Apple Developer Program. Apple plans to make tvOS 17 available to the public in the fall, with a public beta expected to be released in July.

Learn More about tvOS 17

In addition to VPN support, tvOS 17 brings other notable features, including a redesigned Control Center and the introduction of FaceTime on Apple TV for the first time. Developers interested in exploring tvOS 17 can find more information and access the beta update through the Apple Developer website. The update is compatible with Apple TV HD (4th generation) and Apple TV 4K (all models).

You can read more about tvOS 17 here.


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