An analyst’s report suggests a significant update to the HomePod, which could arrive as soon as 2024, featuring a 7-inch display.

Ming-Chi Kuo, the analyst, believes the updated device will combine several current Apple products, including an iPad for HomeKit intelligent home control, an Apple TV for streaming services, and a HomePod for music playback.

Apple to release new HomePod Pro in 2024

Adding a large built-in display will improve interaction with the smart home, which currently relies on control via a smartphone or home iPad, which is not always convenient. Additionally, the updated HomePod Pro is expected to provide access to FaceTime, allowing users to call their loved ones. Apple has previously focused on communication with HomePod and HomePod mini by integrating the Intercom function.

Apple to release new HomePod Pro in 2024

It remains to be seen whether this new device will replace all other products or if they will be released separately. Additionally, it’s unclear whether the new HomePod Pro will replace the recently updated HomePod 2. Finally, the price of this all-in-one device from Apple is expected to be significant.

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Source: 9to5mac


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