Authoritative network insider Ming-Chi Kuo spoke about Apple’s plans to release glasses and headsets for virtual and augmented reality. He revealed that Apple would release virtual reality glasses next year and AR glasses in 2025.

We expect that the development of Apple’s mixed and augmented reality technologies will include three stages: a headset will be released on the head in 2022, augmented reality glasses will appear in 2025, and after 2030 the company will switch to contact lenses with modern technologies. The headset will include augmented and virtual reality technologies. And glasses and contact lenses are just augmented reality technology.”

Apple VR headset: Everything we know so far

Apple to launch VR headset in 2022 and AR glasses in 2025 TechRechard

Kuo claims that while all prototypes of the VR headset weigh around 200-300 grams. However, if the company manages to solve some technical issues, they can weigh 100-200 grams. This will make them much easier than the competition. The analyst predicts that due to the design’s complexity, the price of this headset in the US will be around $1,000.

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As for the specifications, the headset will receive a Sony Micro-OLED display and several optical modules that will provide virtual and augmented reality.

Kuo also said that augmented reality glasses should be released in 2025. But there are no details yet.

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