As the next step in the war with Epic Games, Apple is disabling the “Sign In with Apple” authentication system for users of Epic Games products. This will happen tomorrow, September 11, 2020, so if you used your Apple ID to sign in to games, please update your Epic Games account settings accordingly.

Interestingly, the message about the disabled functionality came from Epic Games, not Apple:

To update your Epic Games email address, you must sign in to your Epic Games account with your Apple ID, then go to the General Settings page and update your email address.

Apple to disable authentication system tomorrow "Sign in with apple" in Epic Games

For those who have used Sign In with Apple, chances are they did not have a password created for their Epic Games account – this should be done immediately after updating their email.

Epic Games representatives promised to help users who failed to complete these steps – for this you need to write to support.

Source: Engadget

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