Apple has finally discontinued its most powerful and expensive all-in-one, the iMac Pro.

A couple of weeks ago, a note appeared on Apple’s official website that the iMac Pro sales would continue until the inventory is depleted. And now, on the website and in Apple stores, information about the iMac Pro has disappeared altogether.

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Apple Stops Selling Most Powerful Mac Ever TechRechard

In general, the iMac Pro is now absent from the company’s American sites. Only the 21.5-inch and 27-inch versions of the iMac are available for purchase.

The iMac Pro debuted in December 2017 and was billed by Apple as “the most powerful Mac ever.” At this time, the model can still be purchased in refurbished form from Apple and third-party retailers.

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Apple Stops Selling Most Powerful Mac Ever TechRechard
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