Yesterday, the American television channel CBS announced that Apple would “Big statement”… New Mac or AirPods – many thought, but later it was announced that it would NOT be a new device. Some new service? Updating App Store Rules? The official launch of a new renovation program? No, everything turned out to be much simpler. Apple launches new projects to combat racism. It seems that this is not exactly what everyone was waiting for, and it is not clear how this announcement differs from a regular press release.

Tim Cook is probably pleased with himself. But is this really a “big announcement”?

What did Apple show?

Apple first announced its Racial Equality and Justice Initiative (REJI) back in June last year in response to protests over the assassinations of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and others. Then the company announced that it was investing $ 100 million in the program and has now revealed exactly how it is going to spend this money.

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Apple today announces a number of major new projects under its Racial Equality and Justice Initiative (REJI), with a combined value of $ 100 million to help remove systemic barriers to new opportunities and address the injustices facing black communities and others. …

These projects include Propel Center, the first education center of its kind for people with dark complexions, Apple Developer Academy for programming and technical education development among students in Detroit; and venture capital programs for black entrepreneurs

Apple showed something that we did not expect, but this is 2021! TechRechard

Apple to start building the Propel Center this year.

Taken together, Apple’s commitment to REJI aims to empower communities of color across the country and create a new generation of professionals.

Propel Center is designed to support professionals’ next generation by offering innovative study programs, faculty support, career opportunities, and fellowship programs. The Propel Center will offer a wide range of educational programs, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, agricultural technology, sociology, entertainment arts, application development, augmented reality, design, art, and entrepreneurship.

Apple experts will help design training programs and provide ongoing mentoring and training support, and offer internship opportunities.

Apple also selected the Detroit center for its first US developer academy. According to the company, Detroit has an active community of black entrepreneurs and developers with over 50,000 businesses. The academy is designed to empower young black entrepreneurs and programmers by developing the skills they need to work in the fast-growing iOS app economy.

Apple showed something that we did not expect, but this is 2021! TechRechard

Apple to open its first developer academy.

On the one hand, Apple’s initiative is exciting and probably useful. But on the other – was it really presented to us as a “big announcement”? This is not a new iPhone, not even a new service like Apple TV +. This is an event that concerns only specific people. Perhaps this is how Apple wanted to attract as much attention to its initiative as possible – well, they did it.

In truth, I was expecting some innovations in the App Store, since Apple recently removed the Parler app, where, according to unofficial information, Donald’s supporters communicated to organize riots in the United States. Or a new censorship system that would avoid such situations. Instead, Apple made an announcement that lasts for one press release at most. But this is 2021. You can expect anything from Apple.

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