Apple is intensifying its focus on artificial intelligence (AI) by adding a new job opening targeting software engineers skilled in generative AI and mixed reality environments. This move further supports the rumors surrounding Apple’s upcoming mixed-reality headset.

The job description emphasizes the need for candidates with a background in machine learning and a keen interest in conversational and generative AI technologies. Generative AI, like the popular ChatGPT, has recently gained significant attention. Apple CEO Tim Cook acknowledged the significance of generative AI and its appeal but highlighted the need to address the challenges associated with this technology.

Reports earlier this year suggested that Apple engineers were exploring language generation concepts for Siri, as evident in the code of tvOS 16.4. However, the implementation of AI-based Siri in real-world applications remains experimental, and its release date is yet to be determined.

In addition to AI advancements, the job description reinforces Apple’s pursuit of mixed reality technology. The engineer is expected to utilize innovative models to create applications based on Apple’s cutting-edge technologies and gain augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) expertise.

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Apple’s highly anticipated first mixed reality headset, the Reality Pro, is rumored to be an ultra-premium product priced at approximately $3000. The headset boasts impressive features, including an innovative triple-display configuration with two high-resolution Micro-LED panels. Notably, users can seamlessly switch between AR and VR modes, a crucial element integrated into the xrOS software.

Earlier reports suggested that Apple intends to enable users to develop their apps for the headset using Siri. The inclusion of generative AI would likely facilitate this feature. While the headset is anticipated to be unveiled at WWDC 2023 next week, launching a new Siri version incorporating AI models might take some time.

Apple’s continued investment in AI and mixed reality highlights its commitment to pushing technological boundaries and providing innovative experiences for its users.


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