Exciting changes are on the horizon for the iPhone 15, particularly regarding charging. Apple is poised to make a significant alteration by switching the charging port, marking the first departure from the Lightning connector since the iPhone 5. However, the switch to USB-C may not be the only charging transformation in store.

According to a new rumor, the iPhone 15 may introduce faster wireless charging without limitations. Apple is reportedly considering removing the wireless charging speed limit for Qi (wireless) chargers that lack certification from the company.

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Apple Rumored to Unlock Faster Wireless Charging for iPhone 15

Currently, Apple supports wireless charging speeds of up to 15W when using MagSafe chargers for its latest iPhones. However, wireless chargers from non-certified brands have been restricted to 5-7.5 watts. This limitation results in slower wireless charging than wired charging, hindering the capabilities of non-Apple-approved wireless chargers.

Wireless charging was first introduced by Apple with the iPhone 8 and iPhone X in 2017, but the speeds lagged wired charging. However, starting with the iPhone 12, Apple gradually increased wireless charging speeds to the current limit of 15W.

Apple’s MagSafe technology, which utilizes magnets to align the wireless charging coils, is crucial in providing an efficient wireless charging experience. Apple’s MagSafe technology is the foundation for the industry’s next generation of wireless charging with Qi2.

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While the rumor regarding removing wireless charging speed limitations awaits confirmation, the most powerful charging story for the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro remains the transition from Apple’s proprietary Lightning connector to the standard USB-C connector. Apple has already embraced USB-C in its iPad and Mac lineup.

Apple Rumored to Unlock Faster Wireless Charging for iPhone 15

Speaking of USB-C, there have been rumors that Apple might restrict charging speeds with the new connector to certified brands only. However, such a limitation is unlikely to materialize as regulators have expressed concerns about this approach.

Perhaps the influence of regulators is prompting Apple to consider eliminating the wireless charging speed restrictions tied to certification.

Any improvements in wireless charging for the iPhone are undoubtedly welcome. At the very least, wireless charging technology appears safer in public spaces than connecting to public chargers.

Will this change make the iPhone 15 more appealing to you, or should Apple go beyond the current 15W wireless charging limit? Share your thoughts in the comments section.


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