As Apple’s Vision Pro mixed reality headset prepares for its early 2024 launch, new details have emerged regarding accessibility, corrective lenses, and more. These insights shed light on various aspects of the highly anticipated device.

Launch Details

The Vision Pro will be available for purchase starting at $3499, exclusively through Apple’s website and Apple Stores in the United States. Customers in other countries, including the United Kingdom, can expect availability “later next year.”

Age Limitations

In line with legal requirements, Vision Pro has a minimum age requirement of 13 years and older. Apple is likely to enforce age restrictions through compatibility with Apple IDs, ensuring appropriate usage based on age.

Apple Reveals New Details About Vision Pro Mixed Reality Headset

Spectacle Compatibility

To enhance the user experience, the Vision Pro relies on magnetic corrective lenses from Zeiss for individuals who wear glasses. Unlike other headsets with physical pads to accommodate glasses, the Vision Pro leverages its advanced eye-tracking capabilities to control VisionOS. The reflectivity of traditional glasses may pose challenges for Vision Pro, leading to using magnetic lenses as a more convenient solution.

Apple notes that vision correction accessories will be sold separately, potentially accounting for the starting price of $3499. However, the company also states that “not all prescriptions are supported,” leaving room for further clarification.

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Augmented Reality Preview

While a hands-on demo of the Vision Pro remains elusive, Apple allows users to preview the hardware through augmented reality (AR) on their iPhones or iPads. Although it may not replicate the whole experience of the headset, it provides an enhanced glimpse of the device’s capabilities.

To access the augmented reality demo, users can utilize Safari on their iPhone or iPad and find the preview at the bottom of the dedicated page.

Stay tuned for more updates on Apple’s Vision Pro as the launch date approaches, promising a new era of mixed reality experiences and immersive technology.


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