According to a report by 9to5mac, Apple is developing an update for Siri’s natural language capabilities on Apple TV. The latest beta versions of tvOS 16.4 and macOS Ventura 13.3 reveal that Apple has created the “Siri Natural Language Generation” framework to enhance the personal assistant’s natural language abilities.

Although the framework is currently limited to the tvOS 16.4 beta, the code appears to be included in other Apple products such as iOS, HomePod OS, iPadOS, and macOS. This implies that Siri’s features on Apple TV could be extended to other devices.

Siri’s natural language generation system is used for telling jokes and stories, but Apple plans to expand its usage to include timers. The company wants to improve Siri’s capabilities to keep up with competitors like Google and Microsoft in the AI space.

Apple Plans Siri Update and TV App Redesign

The latest macOS Ventura 13.3 beta also includes a redesigned Apple TV app for Mac with a sidebar for more straightforward navigation. This makes it similar to the iPad version of the app and provides better access to various TV app features, including Apple TV+ and in-app purchases.

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It’s worth noting that the updated TV app is not yet available in the current macOS 13.3 beta and may be included in a future beta or saved for a later software update.

Source: Macrumors


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